Update – Bounty of Polishes Update Info

The project is going well, lots of polish in the gameplay, storyline, and bug fixing department, and I’m gradually reaching the end of the Bounty of Polishes Update, which is great, because I can finally begin work on Chapter 2, which is where some of the meat of SR:MT’s story really begins. A lot has been done, ranging from monster battler updates:


-To the implementation of entire story arcs with certain characters. For those of you wanting more frequent updates, my apologies for not keeping you all in the loop, with all of the various websites that I promote this website on, it can be difficult to keep track of all of them. If you want to follow this project and be sure that you will be informed, I recommend following me on the Facebook, Twitter, or GameJolt Accounts.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ShatteredRealmsMortalTale/

Twitter (My Twitter): https://twitter.com/_DracoWyrm

GameJolt: http://gamejolt.com/games/shattered-realms-mortal-tale/188745

YouTube (Videos showing game footage, announcements, or OST updates): https://www.youtube.com/user/AoDLegacy?&ab_channel=AoDLegacy


Shattered Realms: Mortal Tale Demo Live!

The demo for the game is live! You can download it at the following locations!



Any bugs, issues, feedback, and commentary on the game is appreciated and will go a long way to making the game’s final version infinitely better!


Working on: Sacred Valley Areas, Secrets, and Side Quests [Storyline Spoilers]

After defeating Caldera, the Ice Devil hellbent on freezing the region over, the Sacred Valley opens up for extended exploration.

Currently Implemented:

  • Darkwhisper Woods – Really dark, maze like, with a secret area to the south.
  • Lonereach Tower – Mini Dungeon with puzzles, tricks, and traps. Interior TBA.
  • Lake of the Goddess – Large lake with three islands, the Island of Valor, Isles of Wisdom, and Isles of Heart. Islands visitable but do not serve a purpose yet. In progress.
  • East Bastion Ruins – One of the mysterious ruins. Monsters to be added, along with secrets and story. Related to the Westcliff Ruins.
  • Westciff Ruins – Ruins full of Zombies. Both East Bastion and Westcliff are part of the Archaeology Camp sidequest on the east side of the valley. Leads into Echoing Woods.

To Be Added

  • Island of Valor – Arena tournaments against mysterious challengers, gold, exp, and rare items await. Defeating the Island of Valor will allow access to the North Shrine, where the Slumbering Goddess will engage with the Player, and begin the Redeeming the Awakener questline if the Player has saved Belladona from Caldera.
  • Isles of Heart – At certain points the Isles of Heart will have a personal storyline for one of the party members the Player meets along the way. The Player should check back here after completing major storyline arcs for possible stories they can learn.
  • Isles of Wisdom – Scattered tomes of legendary events can be found in hidden chambers beneath the Isles, letting the Player learn some of the Mythos of the Shattered Realms. Secret trigger mechanic should be implemented in either the form of levers, buttons, or an acquirable item that reveals the stairways into the chambers.
  • Lonereach Tower Trials – Upon entering the Lonereach Tower, the Player finds themself in a strange, mystical tower full of traps, monsters, and treasure. Lots of it. No story, but largely just testing the wits of the Player while also trolling the Player at every turn with the developer’s nonsense
  • Echoing Woods – A mysterious patch of woods related to the fall of East Bastion and Westcliff. At the center lies a mysterious shrine, guarded by unknown creatures roaring in the deep forest.

Story Arcs (TBA)

  • Fate of the Old World – Learn about the world before SR:MT via the downfall of East Bastion and Westcliff, two ruins whose fate has been lost to history.
  • Redeeming the Awakener – Dependent of the Player’s success in Caldera’s Keep, the Player is able to help restore the faith of the cursed Awakener and perhaps acquire them as a party member.
  • Gods of the Abyss – Learn the story of Arevenius and Zero, the gods of Good and Evil, via unraveling the secrets of the Isles of Wisdom.
  • Island of Valor Arc – Encounter strange beings with stranger tales, and battle them for access to the North Shrine.

Shattered Realms Mortal Tale, And What I Want to Accomplish

So first off I want to say hello, and I hope you are all doing well.

Shattered Realms: Mortal Tale is a project I started back in June 2015, and has been my primary project for at least a good year. I’m currently working on building a public demo, and I try to be very open with my project and the progress it’s having. The best way you can keep up with me is on my trello page for Shattered Realms: Mortal Tale.

My philosophy at this point is to create a game that I will love and enjoy making, not to make money. Of course, I am planning on selling this thing eventually, but Shattered Realms is a story years and years in the making, even back in 2011 I was working on this idea. There’s a lot to this story and a lot to tell, and frankly I can’t do it myself. I could, but it would just be a game with the same standard graphics of any rpg maker game, with some random unique graphics that don’t tie into anything well.

So let me actually talk in depth about the game. It’s a turnbased combat system, with a special death timer, which is triggered upon leaving designated ‘sanctuary zones’, and the only way to keep the timer going strong is to kill enemies. The game is being designed to allow a loose, unhindering approach to the story. In other words, you’re not going to grind for five hours to beat a boss. You go about the world at your own pace and enjoy said pace, while learning a lot about it.

Regarding the story… …it’s huge. I have been planning the Shattered Realms world for a long time now, and it’s got massive secrets behind it (I don’t expect anyone to catch on to the major secret of the series by in large anytime soon), and has a very direct relationship with the choices of the Player themselves. If you don’t help certain people, you may live to regret it later. If you kill certain characters, others will want your head. Saving villagers matters more than your gold and exp. It can change the very course of fate itself. Things add up in this world, and the Player is the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Needless to say, crazy things get to happen here. Depending on your actions, multiple endings and routes become available or disappear.

That’s what I have to say for the game itself really. There’s stuff like professions in the works, side missions, hidden areas… but other than that, I think I’ve covered what I’m intending to accomplish. If you have any questions I will answer as best as possible.