Common Route in Progress

We have discussed on the common route for the VN, and some of the branches of the story. We have also discussed some of the possible endings, but I’m not going to spoil them here, lol. xD

I’m in the process of writing common route. It’s more than halfway done, so probably I can finish it soon. I’m sorry to my group because of the delays in writing due to me being busy with real life. x.x I’ll try to finish writing it as soon as I can. :’D I’m writing all of it in Ren’Py to make it easier for programmer to code it in.

After common route is done, co-writer and I will split in writing the story. Both of us will write two character routes respectively. We will divide the work among us.

We still haven’t found GUI artist, which is a top priority right now. If there is GUI and it’s finished, our programmer can work on coding it directly into the game. I can try my hands on GUI, but I generally have little experience on it. I tried making custom GUI in my last game, but our programmer has to change it himself because I…have no talent in making GUI whatsoever, lol. xD So if we can recruit GUI artist who can make custom GUI, that would be great! The theme of the game is mostly romance, so GUI should fit with the theme. For now, I’m just using default GUI.

Hopefully, this week is more productive for me than last week. I know I can be a slow writer, but I’m doing my best to finish it. So wish me luck in writing, and wish our group luck in everything, it would be much appreciated! 😀




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