Dark Horse, Dead City

Rumors of War are set in the universe of Dark Horse, Dead City. It is a universe I have been working on since a long time. And, with each project I added a little piece of History, refining the one already existing, gave more depth to some events.

It goes like this :

“Suddenly, a huge fleet of gigantic spaceships fell on earth recovering the cities. Aboard where creatures wielding magical powers. Among them an Order of sorcerers and witches. Devoted to the True Humanity, they were disappointed with what became humanity. The started a crusade to erase this mockery of Human.

Humanity fought back, but was quickly overpowered by the magical powers of their opponent. Beaten, destroyed, humanity was forced to took refuge in the underground. Since then, they are waiting for a chance to conquer the sky again.”

The event of Rumors of War happens a few years after the start of the war. The story follows Sept a soldier lost in the underground of Paris. He is then captured by two young witches, who promise to free him if he manage to lead them out to the surface. It is maybe a chance to live, to kill, or maybe, to learn.

I would like to say more, but I will keep some surprise, and it’s also not written yet. 😀




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