Spell Animation Editor!: In the works


This standalone editor allows us to setup skill and spell animations frame by frame and control all the visual and audio effects that happen to the target of the spell. Such as having the target shake when taking damage, or get smashed and flash.

The animation editor will support particle effects, playing any number of sound effects, and either manually controlling the placement of each animation frame, or using the tweening options to save time.

In the screen shot above of the program you see the lake serpent monster, which is a stand in for the target for the spell I am testing. And I am telling it to show the spell animation effect image 1 on frame 3, and scale it to be twice the size. Also I have set it to change the serpent to be offset hue 60% to the right (think of a sliding hue bar). And I have also set the map behind the serpent to be tinted a light blue color.

The different options you have to control a spell animation can be added without writing a line of code. I have created a mouse-based command selector and the property editor for each command outlines the options without having to reference any documentation.


In this screen shot you can see the various commands that will be available to use to control different spell animations.

Actually previewing the animation is still to come, and when that is complete we will have some GIF previews I am sure (and some youtube videos)! Check back soon!

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