Dev Log #1

Iridescence is a story driven, point and click, sandbox. This is a tale of two estranged university students (Jonathan & Sydney) who wake up and realize that they can visually see what other people’s auras (intention v emotion). As they progress through their day, they realize that there is more to this ability than meets the eye. Sinister (?) things are working in the background.

Finished work:
-Title Screen
-Jonathan/Sydney’s Walking Animation
-Basic game scripting
-Theme Song
-Basic Plot

To be done:
-University Backgrounds
-A lot More

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buildingmockup 2

Unity vs Duality

We have taken the steps towards migrating all of the work we’ve finished to Unity. As it turns out, Duality is not optimal for our project due to a lack of documentation and feature support.

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Rad Men Assemble!

Our team for the gamejam is now complete:

Peter Devita: Music Lead and Code Assistant

Mikhaela: Script Writer

Tomek ZajÄ…c: Code Lead

Gabriel Loza: Art Lead

Work hard everyone!

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