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a interesting rpg based heavily on storyline and music.

Project Overview:

life of bob is about a city that is full of thousands of people that all look the same, dress the same, do the same things, all are named Bob, and are basically the same in every way. in till one of the people of the town makes a shocking discovery about the true origins of the city that throws the entire town into chaos. in the game you play as the man who make the discovery. the game will focus heavily on music and story line. it will be 8 bit music. also all decisions about the game will be made as a team so every one would have an input on the game story line and decisions. revenue will be shared equally between every one although probably put 10 percent of game revenue towards advertising and expenses. there is also a strong possibility if the game works out of creating a sequel. I hope to start working on this game by April 2018 or before and would like to have the demo released be Feb 2019 or before.

you can visit are new blog at , we will no longer be updating the old one

Game Details

Language/Software: rpg maker or game maker

Theme/Setting: a mix between present and past

Genre: RPG

Musical Direction: 8 bit

Artistic Direction: pixel art, 2d

Marketing Details

Payment Terms: SPLIT REVENUE

Target Market: this game will be made so it interest lots of different age ranges.

Device/System: PC, MAC, ECT

Budget Plan: this project dose not currently have a budget. we might start a kickstarter campaign or a patron in the future but it would be a team decision.

Profit Plan: I plan to sell the game online then with some of the revenue advertise it.

Project Blog:

Team and Role Details

My Role: I would put the game together and manage every thing in general.

Roles Already Taken: I have a writer, a artist, a composer, a game tester, and a web designer.

Looking for:

+1 Artist
1 Pixel artist(s),

Explanation of roles: we need an artist for all game art and player animations.


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a interesting rpg based heavily on storyline and music.

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