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Multi-tasking Puzzle Horror maze game

Project Overview:

A small replayable horror game, that takes the skills of multi-tasking, and survival to the fullest potential they have. Players will be wandering a large factory-like maze with a “Lightz-Out” Device. This device controls the lighting in the different sectors of the factory, but is also a puzzle. For everytime you turn off a light, all the rooms around it turn on, and vice versa. To win the game the player must complete the puzzle and exit the building. However, the player must also run away from the four human mascots, and complete randomized tasks in a time constraint.

Game Details

Language/Software: Unreal Engine 4

Theme/Setting: Abandoned Factory

Genre: Horror

Musical Direction: Deep, Dark, Creepy, with a hint of Silly for most of the music. Exciting and Silly, but Dark and foreboding for the Chase music.

Artistic Direction: It will be realistic, but very bloody and creepy. The costumes that appear throughout the game will have a similar appearance to the Dog in Duck Season. The level of how realistic it should be, the concept art for 123 Slaughter me Street one and two would be a good direction.

Marketing Details

Payment Terms: SPLIT REVENUE

Target Market: Basically any male who wants a good scare (preferable be able to scare youtubers, who get scared basically everyday)

Device/System: PC

Budget Plan: The project as of now has a small budget, but after completing something to show off, I will start a kick-starter to fund the rest of the game's development.

Profit Plan: The game will be for profit, and most of it will come from sales.

Team and Role Details

My Role: I am one of anything basically. Designer, Director, an artist, I can even compose some stuff.

Roles Already Taken: None

Looking for:

+1 Composer

+1 Sound Effects

+3 Voice Actor
+1 Script Writer
+1 Programmer
+3 Artist
1 Pixel artist(s), 1 3D artist(s), 1 Texture artist(s), 1 Animator(s),
+1 Level Designer
+3 Game Tester

Explanation of roles: All the artists together will bring the characters to life, with modeling, texturing, and creating some simple pixel art. The voice artists will act as the voices for the characters. The programmer and Level designer will create the map, and setting for the game. Composer will create the music for the game, and Sound designer will create all the soundeffects. The game testers will test the game as it is developed, finding bugs, and giving feedback.


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This game is looking for:

Programmer(s): 1

Composer(s): 1

Sound Effect Artist(s): 1

Voice artist(s): 3

Script writer(s): 1

Animator(s): 1

Artist(s): 3


Project Manager(s):

Level Designer(s): 1

Community Manager(s):

Game Tester(s): 3

Payment terms:


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Multi-tasking Puzzle Horror maze game

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