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Origin of the Unknown

Fantasy themed survival game where the world is procedurally generated. New adventures and conquers await!

Project Overview:

Origin of the Unknown is a game where players spawn in a procederally-generated world full of monsters, adventures, and dungeons to explore! In this game players must hunt beasts for food, build homes for shelter, and craft weapons and armor.
Dummy version.

Game Details

Language/Software: Unreal Engine 4.19

Theme/Setting: Fantasy survival

Genre: Survival

Musical Direction: TBD

Artistic Direction: tbd

Marketing Details

Payment Terms: SPLIT REVENUE

Target Market: Mainly Survival players.

Device/System: Windows for now

Budget Plan: Kickstarter, indiegogo, patreon etc...

Profit Plan: Yes it will be profitable, the way to do so is yet TBD

Project Blog:

Team and Role Details

My Role: Team member

Roles Already Taken: Project manager, developer

Looking for:

+2 Programmer
+5 Artist
1 Concept artist(s), 3 3D artist(s), 1 Animator(s), 1 Modeller(s)
+3 Level Designer
+1 Community Manager

Explanation of roles: We are currently hiring programmes to work into the procedural generation algorithm. Voice artist to perform all the voicing, dialogues, grunts, and so on. And the level designer to desing the landscapes, the cities and stuff.


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Submitted by: Paul on 2018-04-23 16:20:44

@Tage, sorry did not had the chance to add you to the project, you should be there now.

Submitted by: Tage on 2018-04-23 00:03:08

Hi Paul, this is Tage, you just hired me but it does not show that I am working for Origin of the Unkown and until it shows that I can’t do anything.

Submitted by: bashar on 2018-04-20 00:43:04

I’m working in Photoshop
specially texuring but i can make more things and I’m could be a professional…. u can test me i can work with your program but after month i promise u that i will allocate allocate all my time just for this game to improve our dream … trust me ….
dl i don’t have Skype but i will download … so if u want to contact me on whatsapp application …..
my phone number is :+972543471845
that’s just The current way

dear: Daniel Baldus

Submitted by: Paul on 2018-04-11 20:12:45

Hello Nathan, Please send me a message with your portfolio and everything, because we are indeed looking for any kind of voice acting!

Submitted by: Nathan on 2018-03-29 12:14:22

Hey guys, I noticed you need a VA and figured I’d put myself forward – if you message me with a few guidelines for what you’re looking for then I can give you a few samples.

I basically just need a few lines of “(angrily) I’ll never forgive you for eating my sandwich” that suit your character and project, as well as a small brief on the character’s general personality.

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This game is looking for:

Programmer(s): 2

Composer(s): 0

Sound Effect Artist(s): 0

Voice artist(s): 0

Script writer(s):

Animator(s): 1

Artist(s): 5

Producer(s): 0

Project Manager(s):

Level Designer(s): 3

Community Manager(s): 1

Game Tester(s):

Payment terms:


Further payment info:

Powered by:

Unreal Engine 4.19

About this project in 150 characters or less:

Fantasy themed survival game where the world is procedurally generated. New adventures and conquers await!

Current project progress:

Progress: 50%

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