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Steel Resurrection is a post-apocalyptic RTS game with a modular unit system which allows for customizable unit creations and unique mechanics

Project Overview:

Steel Resurrection is a post-apocalyptic RTS game with a modular unit building system which allows for customizable unit creations. It features unique mechanics that seperate it from other RTS games. Steel Resurrection takes unique mechanics from other RTS games over the years and combines them and adds new mechanics of its own.

Game Details

Language/Software: Unreal Engine 4

Theme/Setting: Post Apocalyptic

Genre: RTS

Musical Direction: At this point in time we are aiming for more ambient music. such as the music from warzone 2100 or red alert, but have also been looking at music from supreme commander, planetary annihilation and Ashes of a singularity

Artistic Direction: As of this stage we are aiming for simple geometry with little - no textures just so we can develop fast and get the fundamentals of the system in place. tho we would love for more advanced and cool looking parts and characters.

Marketing Details

Payment Terms: WILL DISCUSS

Target Market: 14+, people familiar with the RTS Genre

Device/System: PC first

Budget Plan: Once the project gets to a presentable stage we will try kickstarter and see if we can get funding towards production further of steel resurrection

Profit Plan: On release the game will be F2P model with the ability to pay for things like premium currency which can be used to buy things like custom skins for the modular parts

Team and Role Details

My Role: I am Primary coder and manager, i organise the perforce server which all of our files are backed up and synchronised too so that we can have multiple people developing at the same time I also work with parts of everything in the development process. Tho not very specialised in things like 3D modelling and Sound production.

Roles Already Taken: My mate is also a coder, specialising in mathematics , and also does a little bit of level design.

Looking for:

+1 Composer

+1 Sound Effects

+1 Script Writer
+1 Programmer
+1 Artist
1 2D artist(s), 1 3D artist(s), 1 Texture artist(s),
+1 Project Manager
+1 Level Designer

Explanation of roles: A general 3D artist, needs to be able to follow the workflow we have in place. A particle artist of some kind that specialises in unreal 4 would be an amazing help. A 2D texture artist who either knows photoshop or substance would also be of major help

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Submitted by: Darren on 2017-12-06 23:39:49

Hi there, I applied to this project and cannot see if it was successful, as I tried a second time and the link seems to be broken. Thanks

Submitted by: Bryon Ayres on 2017-10-25 03:29:52

looks good! 😀

Submitted by: tallan on 2017-10-16 00:39:01

Yea it is a working video, but for some reason it doesnt work on this website, ive been noticing it all over the place, i think this website is a bit broken in that regard

Submitted by: fb_1497729723650045 on 2017-10-14 08:37:57

the video is broken btw

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This game is looking for:

Programmer(s): 1

Composer(s): 1

Sound Effect Artist(s): 1

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Script writer(s): 1


Artist(s): 1


Project Manager(s): 1

Level Designer(s): 1

Community Manager(s): 0

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Steel Resurrection is a post-apocalyptic RTS game with a modular unit system which allows for customizable unit creations and unique mechanics

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