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A Epic Isometrical Survival RPG... Will you survive?

Project Overview:

A Epic Isometrical Survival RPG, your plane crashes on a mountain, the people who were on your plane are dead, you find out there are people on the mountain, but the mountain holds a dark secret…

We are currently looking for:
2D Artists – 3D Artists – Unity Programmers

If interested join the interview discord:
I’d prefer it if you are gonna ask dumb questions like: is this unpaid? How much money you gonna give me? Then don’t join, no offence but it’s something that’s very obvious. We are currently hoping for a publisher to publish our game. Other than that we welcome you 😀

The game will be made in unity and coded in C#

Game Details

Language/Software: Unity

Theme/Setting: Apocalypse Mountain

Genre: RPG Survival

Artistic Direction: Low Poly

Marketing Details

Payment Terms: WILL DISCUSS

Target Market: 12+

Device/System: PC & Mac, we will see about consoles though.

Budget Plan: Publisher or kickstarter

Profit Plan: Sales

Team and Role Details

My Role: Game Designer, Project Manager And Lead

Roles Already Taken: 1x Unity Programmer And 1x 3D Artist

Looking for:

+1 Programmer
+2 Artist
2 2D artist(s), 2 3D artist(s), 2 Texture artist(s), 2 Animator(s), 2 Modeller(s)

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This game is looking for:

Programmer(s): 1


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Script writer(s):

Animator(s): 2

Artist(s): 2


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A Epic Isometrical Survival RPG... Will you survive?

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