Some Background

“Joey, Tia, Peter, and Rico.”  -The four main playable characters


Since Project Era began in 2012, some background may be necessary on why things tend to take longer with this sort of project. I hate using the word “ambitious” because it’s a red-flag calling card for developers, but it really was back in 2012. One of those projects that spring up every week and get taken down a week later.  It had a rough team setting, no real organization, and was in general a doomed project. But thanks to some learning experience on my part, some dedicated and talented team members (you have to have both qualities), and organizational know-how, Project Era was sure to stay. And I can assure that it will stay until its release.  So much work and effort has been put into the game, it really surprises me sometimes just how far it has come.

The story has been written out to over 5,000 lines of dialogue, with some minor scenes left to go, and we’ve completed 20 songs of our 100 song soundtrack. They may not seem like accomplishments, but to this developer they mean everything. A finished script will gain the interest of some composers, some great music will net an intrigued programmer, and a well-coded game will give way to excited artists. Ever since the beginning this was my mindset, since being a volunteer based project made it difficult to convince people that this was going to happen. Now everything seems to be falling into place, and I can thank Ludust for some of that. I also have to thank the team, whose efforts and time given to this project have helped it enormously. Of course there’s much background and many things that I choose not to cover here (for being uninteresting mainly), but for going through this I’d like to share with you some music selections, as I think it’s one of this project’s best areas.

As the game’s plot revolves around time travel through four different eras, each era has its own musical style. I’ve shared a track from each today. If a track appears in more than one era, it has to be done in multiple styles; I’ve shown that here with the “Melee” tracks, our main battle theme.

Ancient Era (8Bit) – “The Ancient Tia” – By Jack Mackenzie

Recent Era (16Bit) – “Recent Melee” – By Jon Bash

Present Era (Reg.) – “Houses of Reynold” – By Andy Scott

Future Era (Orch.) – “Future Melee” – By Jon Bash


Ethan Clark