Welcome to the Development Blog!

Today marked the first real day of work on Phoenix Rising. The team is beginning to grow and I am receiving emails and messages with offers of help. So far today I have received messages from an Artist and a Sound Designer. I also reached out to people myself. I learned something new today; Tessellation and LOD, it might sound like noob stuff, but hey. I’m new to this 🙂

Today I spent 3 hours creating a replica of Earth, with clouds, day/night cycle with lights. It was a nightmare. But it got done and I am happy it is done. I also added our RL solar system to the “level” today, including textures,mesh’s,blueprints, etc. Tomorrow a solar orbit system will be implemented. I hope to see planets orbiting around the sun along with the moon(s). I am trying to reach out for modelers. Static “spacestations and/or battlestations” will have to come in soon after to become implemented with the orbital system. I hope to also get some asteroid fields put in place tomorrow; and hopefully have them working by night time.

I have no idea how to program a HUD or start menu. It would be nice to see something implemented by the end of the week.

Thanks for reading this DevBlog!


Trevor Craven