Honor system

Ryan suggested a honor system where people lose honor if they commit undesirable acts of violence. I think this idea has its merits, as long as it’s possible to fool the system by making yourself look more honorable than you actually are.

Things that would lower your honor:

  • Attacking an unarmed person
  • Killing a person who has surrendered
  • Attacking a child
  • Killing a child
  • Attacking your parent or guardian
  • Attacking a person who hasn’t set their defense settings
  • Attacking a disabled person
  • Perhaps also attacking a person who has highly positive honor

There should probably be things that raise your honor as well, to balance things out.

  • Attacking a person who has negative honor
  • Releasing people who have surrendered to you in combat
  • Protecting a child
  • Protecting a disabled person
  • Protecting an unarmed person

Wearing certain clothing would make you seem more honorable than you actually are. This could make people lose honor by attacking you even if you were a bad person.

It can be pointed out that you could balance your honor by protecting children of your own village while slaughtering ones from a rivaling town. You wouldn’t get very high honor but not very low either.

The system should be tweaked so that it’s not possible to exploit it by doing trivial things to raise your honor to create a buffer for making lives miserable for other players.


Ilona Ward


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