Draft for a new combat system

Edit: Since writing this, I have decided to break offense into accuracy and danger. Accuracy defines how likely you are to hit, while danger defines how much damage you do if you do hit.

Combat graph

Teams can decide their hitting order. Every other round, the order is reversed.

People can choose from different attack strategies: Attack the strongest, attack the weakest, attack the best defender, attack the worst defender, attack the fastest, attack the slowest, attack at random or attack the person who attacked me last. If two people are equally qualified as targets, the target is picked at random out of the qualified options. They can also set a person as a primary target. You can have a different strategy for if you are sufficiently wounded.

Defense strategies: If you are attacked, you automatically use your blocks to defend yourself. If you are not targeted, you can use your blocks to defend another person, or choose to use their block in temporarily boosting their defense for the next round. In this case defense is increased by half of offense.

People can sacrifice an attack to boost their defense, upon which half of their attack is added into their defense. They can use this on a hit against themselves or someone else. This only works if your team attacks first and defends second. If your team defends first and you choose to convert your attack, it will count on the next round.

People can also boost their attack by giving up their defense. If they boost their attack and their team is going second, their defense will be lower on the next round.

People can wear equipment that makes their stats seem higher or lower than what they actually are. This can fool people’s strategies.

Array of attacks

Team 1

Matt SP100 OF200 DEF80
Jim SP200 OF120 DEF120
Bob SP150 OF140 DEF105

Team 2

Greg SP105 OF80 DEF100
Tim SP80 OF130 DEF110
July SP110 OF150 DEF90

Round 1:

Matt goes first. He targets who ever looks strongest, which is July. July blocks with 90. Since Matt has higher offense, he gets a pending hit through.

Jim attacks who ever looks fastest. This is also July. Since July is bad in defending, Jim’s hits also go through. Jim is faster than July, so Jim gets two hits through. July now has 3 pending hits on her.

Bob attacks at random. He hits Tim. Gets a pending hit through.

Situation after first offense: 3 hits on July, 1 on Tim, 0 on Greg. Since Greg wasn’t attacked, he can use his blocks to protect either July or Tim. He chooses to protect July because she is threatened worse. He chooses to block Jim since he seems like he’s easiest to block. He manages to block one of Jim’s attacks but is too slow for the second one.

Team 2 offense:

Greg attacks at random and targets Matt. The chances are about 50-50. Let’s say he gets through.

Tim attacks who ever looks like the easiest target. This is Matt. Tim gets a hit through. Now there’s 2 pending hits on Matt.

July attacks who ever is slowest. This is also Matt. July gets a hit through. Now there are 3 pending attacks on Matt. Matt has used all his defenses.

Jim and Bob are not targeted and are free to defend Matt. Jim feels threatened and decides to move his block into raising his defense for the next round instead of defending Matt. Bob uses his block to protect Matt. He blocks against Tim because Tim looks more dangerous. He fails to block.

July takes 2 damage, Tim takes 1 damage, Matt takes 3 damage. Now July’s stats are SP100, OF130, DEF80, Tim’s SP75, OF120, DEF105, Matt SP85, OF185, DEF65.
Round 2:

Now team 2 goes first. July decides to convert her attack into a defense since she is wounded. This allows her to use her offense to boost defense.

Tim hasn’t changed his strategy and is still targeting Matt. Since Matt is wounded, his defense is even lower. Tim gets one pending hit on Matt.

Greg still attacks Matt. Greg isn’t much of a fighter but since Matt is wounded, Greg gets a pending hit through.

Since Jim and Bob aren’t threatened, they have unused blocks. Jim gets 2 blocks, he uses one against Greg and manages to block. Now he has one block left over, which he uses against Tim. He fails to block.

Now it’s Bob’s turn to block. He uses his block against Tim. He fails to block. So Matt is getting wounded for sure.

Team 1 offense:

Bob decides to convert his attack into a defense against the attack on Matt because Matt is wounded. However moved defenses only take turn on the next round.

Jim still attacks who ever looks fastest. Since July is slowed down by her wounds, Greg is now fastest. Greg manages to block one of Jim’s attacks. However, Jim is so fast that he gets two attacks. So now there is one pending hit on Greg.

Matt changes his strategy since he is wounded. He decides to attack who ever looks like the easiest target. This is July. Because July has extra defense on this round, she manages to block.

So now there is only a pending hit on Greg. Since they are both slow, July and Greg have already used their blocks and don’t get extra moves.

Tim uses his defense against Jim to protect Greg. He has about 50-50 chance to block. Since Tim is slightly wounded, he fails to protect Greg.

Matt and July continue to bleed and weaken.
Matt is now SP80, OF180, DEF60(+50 from Bob on next round).
July is SP95, OF125, DEF75.
Tim and Greg bleed slightly and are still pretty strong.
Greg SP100 OF75 DEF95
Tim SP75 OF125 DEF105

Round 3:

Now team 1 goes first again. Matt is still targeting who ever looks like the easiest target. This is still July. They are both wounded, but since Matt is stronger, he gets a pending hit on July.

Jim attacks who looks the fastest. Because July is so wounded, she takes a penalty to speed and thus the fastest is Greg. Greg is weakened slightly by his existing wound, so Jim gets a pending hit on Greg.

Bob still decides to protect Matt for the next round.

Tim hasn’t been attacked, so he can use his block against either Matt or Jim. He decides to protect July since she is more at risk. However, he fails to protect July since Matt is still strong in spite of his wounds.

Now team 2 attacks.

Greg still attacks at random and targets Bob. Since Greg is such a crap fighter and slightly wounded to boot, he fails to get a hit in.

Tim is still attacking Matt. He gets lucky and gets a pending hit through despite Bob boosting Matt.

July again converts her attack into a defense on herself.

Since Jim hasn’t been targeted, he has unused blocks. He gets two blocks since he’s so fast. He primarily blocks against Matt. He fails the first block but succeeds on the second.

Matt continues to bleed and falls unconscious. July continues to bleed but still conscious. Tim is feeling weaker. Greg gets hurt again and is now weak.

(Matt SP75, OF175, DEF55) His stats wouldn’t count if someone attacked him.
July is SP90, OF120, DEF70
Tim SP70 OF120 DEF100
Greg SP95 OF70 DEF90

Round 4:

Team 2 goes first.

July again defends herself, no surprise there. Her defense is temporarily 140.

Tim leaves Matt alone since Matt is unconscious and targets the next weakest target, which is Bob. Tim gets a pending hit on Bob.

Greg still attacks at random and hits Jim. Greg decides to drop his defenses in order to boost his attack. Now Greg’s attack is temporarily 115. Jim gets two blocks since he’s so fast. He fails his first block but succeeds on the second.

Since both Jim and Bob have used their blocks, they can’t defend anybody.

Now it’s team 1’s turn to attack.

Bob gives up on protecting Matt since Matt is unconscious and might die anyway. He goes back to his strategy of attacking at random. He happens to hit Greg, who only has 45 defense this round since he used his defenses to boost his attack. Bob gets a pending hit through.

Jim gets two attacks. He attacks who ever looks the fastest. This is again Greg. Again Greg has 45 defense and fails to block both times.

Matt is unconscious and doesn’t get a hit.

Tim and July haven’t been attacked this round, so they have extra blocks. Because July has boosted her defense, she uses her 140 to defend Greg and manages to block one of the attacks on him.

Tim only has 100 defense and doesn’t manage to block any additional hits. So Greg takes two damage. Also Greg continues to bleed from his earlier wound.

(Matt SP70, OF170, DEF50)
July is SP85, OF115, DEF65
Tim SP65 OF115 DEF95
Greg SP80 OF45 DEF75

Round 5:

Team 1 goes first.

Matt is unconscious and doesn’t get a move.

Jim attacks who looks the fastest, which is July. He gets two pending hits on July.

Bob attacks at random and hits Tim. Because Tim is slowed down by his wound, Bob gets two hits on Tim.

Greg hasn’t been targeted so he has one block left. By this point he figures that they’re going to lose anyway and chooses to surrender.

Team 2:

Greg has surrendered and refrains from hostilities.

Tim still attacks Bob. He gets a pending hit in.

July decides to get reckless and uses her defense to boost her offense. She attacks Bob with 145 offense and gets a hit through.

Since Jim hasn’t been targeted, he has two blocks. He uses them to protect Bob. He manages to block Tim but not July.

(Matt SP65, OF165, DEF45)
July is SP80, OF110, DEF60
Tim SP60 OF110 DEF90
(Greg SP70 OF40 DEF70)
Bob SP145 OF135 DEF100

Round 6:

Team 2 goes first.

July again targets Bob. Gets a pending hit.

Tim also attacks Bob. He misses.

Greg has surrendered and is sitting this one out.

Jim hasn’t been targeted and uses his blocks to protect Bob. He manages to block the hit on first attempt but his unused defense doesn’t carry over.

Team 1:

Bob attacks July and gets two hits because his speed is so high compared to hers.

Jim also attacks July. He gets two hits and gets through on both.

Tim hasn’t been targeted, so he gets one block to protect July. He decides to try blocking Jim since he seems easier to block. However her fails.

(Matt SP60, OF160, DEF40)
July is SP35, OF85, DEF35
Tim SP55 OF105 DEF85
(Greg SP65 OF35 DEF65)
Bob SP140 OF130 DEF95

Matt and July are now both in critical condition and Greg isn’t feeling too shabby either. Tim decides to surrender. The fight ends with Team 1 winning.


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