Childhood challenges

A while back I wrote this list, just for fun. The idea was that if you are playing a child character, the game would post a random task that would change once a month, and you could check it as completed if you had roleplayed it.

  • Eat something generally considered inedible.
    Smear food into your hair or face.
    Show affection to another child or a domestic animal.
    Declare you want to be known by a new name.
    Refuse to dress according to the weather.
    Refuse to eat a new food.
    Secretly eat a new food when nobody is watching.
    Wear something socially unacceptable.
    Throw a tantrum over a reason inexplicable to adults but which makes perfect sense to you.
    Tell another person that you really like them (and they should get rid of another person they are close to so they can spend more time with you).
    Apply face paint.
    Make art.
    Help an adult with their chores.
    Insist you’re a grown up now.
    Climb to a high place.
    Jump from a high place.
    Find the smallest hole and see if you can still fit through it.
    Give yourself or another child a fashionable haircut.
    Insist on dressing up all by yourself.
    Poop in an unconventional location.
    Master the skill of picking things up with your toes.
    Get mad at an inanimate object.
    Be a picky eater.
    Insist on eating something you found on the floor.
    Hide a food object for later.
    Lick something that’s not considered edible.
    Have a day of only eating things of a certain color.
    Fall asleep in a place other than your usual sleeping place.
    Imitate an animal.
    Dig your nose.
    Name your hands and have conversations between them.
    Tell people your parents aren’t your real parents and you’re actually kidnapped.
    Have an imaginary friend.
    Insist having something sweet with a savory food or vice versa.
    Put something up your nostril or in your ear.
    Try to “see” your eyes or your ears (without a mirror).
    Fart in public, then explain it away.
    Pretend your genitals can talk.
    Give someone else a makeover.
    Go hide and see how long it takes before anyone finds you.

Ilona Ward


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