Well, I’ve got a news

Bad news – I still got no job. Damn it.

Bad news – there’s almost no time left, and it’s only one scene (out of five) done.

Bad news – there’s still only some placeholding music I’ve made in 15 minutes.

Good news – I still have a time, and a brand new pack of coffee and cigarettes. This night gonna be soooo loooong…


Well, Jam is here.

Starting some “hacking” now. Not much to show, but here’s what I’ve got so far:

  • Game gonna consist several minigames
  • Game gonna be sad (maybe with several endings)
  • Game gonna be kinda based on my life experience


Hooray! Some obvious things posted! Now, back to work.


PS. Still got no job. Just called some guy from a company I’ve sent resume to – they declined my offer.