Okay, 15th gm(48) is done

My entry is Endless War game.

Now I might get back to this game jam entry, maybe I’ll finish it.


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Well, I’ve got a news

Bad news – I still got no job. Damn it.

Bad news – there’s almost no time left, and it’s only one scene (out of five) done.

Bad news – there’s still only some placeholding music I’ve made in 15 minutes.

Good news – I still have a time, and a brand new pack of coffee and cigarettes. This night gonna be soooo loooong…


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Time is running out!

O M G !


We got a scenario, finally got an artist – but game is still deeply in WIP! Fork!


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New member! Woohoooo!

Awesome! @Sajarin joined project as a editor + writer + narrative genius.


That’s a 100% win in this Game Jam! >:D


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Okay, I’m doing something.

Yeah. I’ve choosed topic, mechanics, started making soundtrack, and stuff.


Here’s some nice screenshot of intro reel. Like it?


Made with GameMaker Studio.png


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Well, Jam is here.

Starting some “hacking” now. Not much to show, but here’s what I’ve got so far:

  • Game gonna consist several minigames
  • Game gonna be sad (maybe with several endings)
  • Game gonna be kinda based on my life experience


Hooray! Some obvious things posted! Now, back to work.


PS. Still got no job. Just called some guy from a company I’ve sent resume to – they declined my offer.


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