New characters

I keep working with my indie team on 3D characters.

This is a cave wolf. This characters stay mostly in shadow or in cave and at night they go out.

Screenshots from 3Ds modelling work

wolf wolf_2


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Video references from Spirited Away movie

I am posting this references mostly for my team members but you can enjoy Spirited Away movie video and images as well

ss_2 ss_3 ss_4 ss_1


Fragment from Spirited Away (2001) | The city with ghosts

Fragment from Spirited Away (2001) | The river with ghosts


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First task for music composers

This post is a continuation of previous post where I started a discussion about music being written for New Kind of Adventure. More composers sent me tracks but I want to hear opinions of many people and start a discussion about music creation.

I am asking the composers to upload a soundtrack on which will show the mood of this game area, a cave with crystals:


Also I encourage everyone to comment the music.

Also I am publishing a track I wrote for this videogame to encourage other composers to show their works in progress.

And remember the last post with music references will be updated with new tracks:



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Music creation | part 1

In this post I will write about music creation process for New Kind of Adventure. I will post references, music tracks, maybe even interview with music composers.
This post will be updated, for now I will post a reference for Ambient genre music which I like very much.

This is a track I made for this game

I want to mention Tony Manfredonia, professional composer with academical studies, who already made 3 tracks, they are in progress but his latest track is better than first tries and I hope soon he will make an awesome track I will be proud to put it in game and to post here.

This post will be updated with new songs.


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New characters

I just added the Dragon character and my friend Daniel asked for a character a little strawberry with legs and hands so I painted him as a concept. I am looking forward to hear your opinion on this characters and also you can ask for more characters you want to see in New Kind of Adventure .



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