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    Paul Gorman - "Hi! I am a work-for-hire composer and sound designer. Please visit my Soundcloud Demo Reel @ soundcloud.com/user-515117220"View
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    kyle - "Hello everyone, so its been a little while since ive been back here. I left do to the spamming of viagra and selling pills people. With little admin support. This site is mostly found because of google and the […]"View
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    Alexi Zayak - "Update on trying to determine best collaboration sites: 1. Ludust: Outdated, but has the largest user base. 2. http://www.batteraminc.com: Brand new and has a sick option to have your team built for you so that you don’t […]"View
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    Gregg Rossetti - "Teaching a class on video game music at Montclair State University this semester and trying to acquire more projects!"View
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