Version 0.6 progress update

It have been some time, but the new version is finally assembled. (Not published yet though. I am now contemplating if the game being published through so there would be one link with the latest version available, rather than having to track which one is the latest one.)

This update was pretty heavy on the visual updates. So just to give you a sample of the results I have uploaded several screenshots to show the current state of the game:

v0.6 MazeCrawler screenshot

And since this is shown, I guess it would be a good time to give a couple of screenshots to show the change. Here is what the previous build looked like:

v0.5 MazeCrawler

The Maze is now a lot darker. The visibility range (especially outside the mail room) is pretty heavily constrained, and the torch becomes a necessity rather than just a cosmetic item.
The textures on the Floor and walls is also updated, though admitting this is still work in progress. This version is using a normal map and heightmap baked in Blender, and a super-cheap-cheat method of using heightmap as an albedo map to amplify seams between stones. Didn’t work as good as I hoped (probably because the heighmap range was messed up during baking and the height differences were not that big), but it does help a bit. 🙂

And some sharp-eyed viewers can notice a hint of Glow effect on the screenshot. Yes. I have finally figured how to use postprocessing. 🙂

And just for good measure, this is an example of the game how it looked in it’s earliest prototype:
early Maze Crawler

As you can see the previous floor texture was there almost from the get go. Though it was made in such a hurry, that it doesn’t tile properly, giving away the fact that the maze is built from small tiles.
Speaking of which! This was another thing that was updated in this version is the fact that now dungeon can contain more than 1 tile type:
v0.6 MC Difference

Currently there are only two tile types, which use the same texture, but with different tints (another cheap-cheat trick used as a placeholder to make do for limited assets 🙂 ), but there are quite some nifty capabilities in this system, which I will hopefully will be able to show you in the next updates, once the different meshes are produced.

And along with better textures, meshes, there are lots more cool thing I am really thrilled to start working on now!
The game is going to have sounds soon too, thanks to wonderful work of Paul Gorman.

Anyway, thank you for your attention and I hope to see you in the future updates!

And let’s not get obstructed on the way to our destination!
So close


Pavel Zhdanov


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