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December 5, 2016 at 5:58 pm


I’m Aalyiarah Xirin (yes, this is a pseudo name that I use actively) and I preferred to be called Aaly (Allie). I’m a Full Sail University graduate as of August 2016! Yay! I am fairly hyper, mostly happy and seriously motivated to not only increase my personal portfolio (and yours!) but to get some games published (on steam and other sites) to build up the Brand of Xirin Games (XG).

Xirin Games (XG) is a small upcoming indie game studio that is currently none funded; this means we are unable to pay anybody on the team at this point. If you are all about the “money” then we don’t want you on the team anyways and you can hit the (x) on this website, thanks! However, we are about passion for gaming that is all aspects of gaming; ideas, design, development, art, sound engineering and of course playing! If you are passionate and want to see a game from its early stages morph into a final product on steam then this is the team for you!  XG is built on the fact that starting and an indie game company is hard, with lots of hours spent in pre-production alone with no funds or not even a well-known name much less an actual game on the market (free or not).

Our goal, taking into consideration what was said above, we are wanting to build our name with smaller scale games for PC, Android, and Apple to have some games under our belt so we can get the funds and work on the larger scale games such as PC (with full controller support) FPS, Survival, and Platformers as well as an MMO. Starting with a small scale Tower Defense Game.

Zsadist is our talented Programmer, he’s specialty is C#, but he can also use; C++, MySQL, HTML, basic JavaScript and the list goes on a few more but that’s something you can ask him. He’s rather laid back, but is sensitive about his programming (aww the sensitive boys) however, he does like to hear feedback but do not criticize him or you’ll unleash a sexy but mean beast! He has a bachelor in Game Design from Full Sail, and even though he doesn’t prefer he can do game design, level editing, and a few other neat tricks.

Jay, he’s a sweet rather antisocial guy that has a passion for games. He is a DM of a Local D&D group and loves to make the group have to work as a team or suffer the wrath. Jay is still learning the ropes of game design, but he has a lot of experience mapping out worlds, levels, dungeons and quests for D&D. He is hoping that this experience will aid in his skills as an upcoming game designer that is being trained by yours truly (Meh, Aaly). He’s a total dork that also speaks fluent Chinese (how awesome is that!).

Then there is me (Aaly Xirin, yours truly), I’m the Project Manager of the group who is working on several aspects of the current title. I’m also the social media expert (“expert” uh-huh…) and the lead designer…in short I am swamped. I am the hyper, happy-go-lucky one who sees every obstacle as a conquest to overcome and with a little life juice (coffee…yum!). I am also the ones that spends the most of the time on documents…ugh! Mostly, I am the first and last person that people talk to, I pick if you are accepted into the group and sadly 🙁 I am also the one that you’ll see before you are banished or want to leave (please don’t leave…we have pocky!) The most important thing about myself is I am friendly and fun but cross me and you’ll be met with daggers and a torrent of flames, mwhahaha!

Our Team is small but we are looking to expand and grow with more and more members who want to volunteer their time working on the small quests as we work our way to the boss’ lair then taking part in the boss fight and reaping the rewards of the hours spent. Meaning, if you put in the time helping with the smaller projects and help with the large one, once it’s on the market you will get some sort of compensation (such as but not limited to; a lump sum of cash, a monthly stipend…something)!

You should join our team if you are; Passionate about the quality of the games you play / develop / associate with.</span>

Passionate about the quality of the games you play / develop / associate with.

Driven to make long lasting friendships the could develop into full-time co-workers / partners

Want to be part of something bigger than your typical indie game team

Can work at least 4 hours a week (that’s less than one hour a day!) on a project

Overall good person who likes to joke around, have fun, and work for the main goal!

If you aren’t serious then please hit the (x) button, we only want people that are serious about this opportunity and will stick through all the hardships in order to reach our end goal and build not only another indie game team but a prosperous indie game studio!

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