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April 10, 2018 at 5:00 pm

My name is Katya Szewczuk (Katya Stec in the Voice Acting world)! I’m the host of MiscatSquad on the partnered gaming and geek/pop culture YouTube Channel with over 10K subscribers. I’ve been voice acting for 3+ years and have done both fan and professional work for clients such as KidLit TV, Macmillan Publishers, HarperCollins Publishers, Epic! Unlimited Books for Kids App and more.

I’m always looking for new projects to be a part of so I can help support them and test them out on my YouTube channel as well. Game development is a huge task so anyone who needs voices for your projects I am willing to help out! My voices range from childish boy, teen girl, concerned mother and even creature sound effects. Looking forward to meeting and working with you guys!