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January 8, 2017 at 6:27 am


It was easy for me to define a course, a path for my professional aspirations. Indeed, of a creative mold I have always been deeply involved in artistic projects.

First as a beatmaker and lyricist ( ).

As a self taught game designer on an indie game student project ( The Four Symphonies ).

And eventually, as a community manager on a Bioware forum ( Alias Phomos ).

Maturing in my arts, I have realized that a specific skillset was primarily found and used in these previous projects, a common denominator : creative and cold writing.

Currently serving in the armed forces, I am pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management – Creative Writing at Park University.

I am familiar with the process of developing games, and an avid gamer. Whether it is a matter of meeting deadlines, compromising without sacrificing or producing flowcharts associated to a script overview, I am able to fulfill all of your requirements.

I am currently in the process of publishing on Amazon and looking to expand my portfolio with various accomplishments and I figured…this platform was designed to satisfy this purpose and I am always eager to revise my positions and perfect my craft.

My skillset covers informative and audio writing as well.

Thank you !