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July 1, 2015 at 8:39 pm

Rad Men Studios is looking for a writer to help realize our Iridescence project for the Game Jam. Iridescence is a 2D sidescrolling sandbox with some rpg elements. It’s artistic direction is street art including but not limited to Jazz and Pop.

Synopsis: <i>Two people wake up with the ability to read intentions and are notified (somehow) of each other’s existence. You have X amount of time per day and X amount of days to roam the city and use your power for better or worse to find the other person by the last day. </i><i>You will roam around and be able to read people’s intentions (probably by mousing over them). You can talk to them, give them items, introduce them to other people and more. They can come up to talk to you, give you stuff, ask you to do things and more. At the end there is a final judgement of the player and their actions by some kind of omniscient force.</i>


Apply under the Game Jam tab, specifically (if you can’t tell by how bland this post is, we really do need a writer).