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June 30, 2017 at 6:45 am

About Us 

Bugless Bytes is an indie remote team, that deals with the development of video games and other small projects related to game technology.

We are working on our first 3D Game Project in Unity 5, however, the team mostly consists of 2D Artists, so we are now planning to include 3D Artists in order to get started with 3D Game projects.

We are initially focussed on building a social presence and establish a strong network of small game journals that can in future help us to spread word for our game and  help in marketing and till now, we have already established good network with small small-scale social marketing pages however we are expecting to get paid through our 3D Game Project, we will be giving out a beta copy of game to some selected small reviewers in our network that will help us improve our product and decide whether we should release it for free so as to build a bigger fan base or to monetize the product.

Project Detail 

Alone in the Void is a first person horror and survival game set in a sci-fi spaceship of future and is a fictional story of Mathew, who is a space engineer on a mission to inspect world’s biggest space station but soon realises that all odds, including his organisation, turns out against him as he explores dark secrets that hint toward a conspiracy theory being true. (cannot reveal entire plot)

Some Pictures of Project: Click Here  

Videos: Click Here

Roles Available

1. Texture Artist: Responsible for creation and applying the texture to 3D Prefabs/Model and game assets.

2. 3D Model Designer : Model Designer is responsible for communicating with Project Lead and come up with a 3D Model out of 2D Conceptual Layouts and Art, As a 3D Model Designer, you won’t just be using 3D Model creation software to craft models but also use your creativity to come up with suitable design by communicating with project lead for inputs.

We Recommend you to use Blender for Creating 3D Models however it’s not mandatory, plus you should be able to animate inorganic models too. We don’t expect you to be familiar with organic model creation.

A Strong Commitment and Passion for your Work
We want dedicated 3D Artists for this project, although we understand you cannot devote all your time into this, however, we expect you to stay active enough so as to report your activity or communicate with team(related to assigned task) on team chat quickly (within 1-2 days ) and complete assigned tasks within 5-10 days.
We sincerely request you to send us request only if you are dedicated to seeing your 3D Models come alive in a game or want a reason to design models so as to make your portfolio stronger or just for sake of experience or hobby. That means you should have a strong will to contribute and should not leave in between for at least 2 months. We are a young team that contains team member between age group 17 to 30.


Working Environment (How we Work remotely)

The team uses following online platforms to operate remotely

Discord: For team Communication, assigning badges (that decide your position/role), we sometimes host small group chats on Facebook for fast meetups

Asana: For Assigning Tasks, Tracking Project Status and keeping track of entire team work and to mark down off-phases (time period when team is inactive due to busy schedule of individuals)

We follow a flexible workflow where a 3D Modeller designs a base (non-textured) model that goes to project-lead for evaluation, after the evaluation is done if a model is approved, it is then forwarded to Texture Artist who applies texture and send back final model to project lead which finally incorporates it into the game.


Benefits of Being Part of Our Team: We Value Learning, Experience and Exposure more than Money, When we build stuff together we emerge as a more mature team where each individual is now more exposed to tools and by learning from our mistakes, we filter out inefficient solutions and constantly come up with an efficient workflow. If you decide to stay along with us in our team, you can put down your idea in team dedicated chat channel where other members will vote and if your idea is passed, you can lead a project. Many people fail to implement their ideas due to lack of the team, at bugless bytes, our goal is to establish a team that is highly driven by efficiency and generic solutions (that be used again and again and adapt to change).

Contact Us: You need to send us message on our Facebook page to initiate talk 🙂 (We have posted this proposal in many websites and forum so we can’t check each website for replies hence request you to please send us message 🙂 )