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July 25, 2017 at 2:55 am

Hello! My name is Alex and I currently am the owner of a small-time indie game development team. We are working as hard as we can on creating a game that will bring players much joy and fun. We are getting closer and closer everyday to announce the game itself and eventually release it. We have a few more positions open though for people. It is unpaid positions but, and we are not promising, we will be more then willing to pay for your time and work if this game does sell. We don’t promise because you never know where we will be in a year or something like that. But with that said the positions needed are listed below;

Character Artist <— Extremely Needed

C++ Programmers / Blueprints<— Really Needed

Texturing Artist <— Somewhat Needed

Logo/Design Artist <— Somewhat Needed

Sound Effects <— Really Needed

Animators <— Really Needed

Other Jobs might not be listed so please apply with the unlisted job and tell me what it is.

After applying you will be given more information about the game and means of communication.


How to Apply:

Please send a email to listening what position you are wanting to join, any questions, and anything else you would like to list. From there I will send you communication information for a quick little “interview” and explain everything and describe the game we are creating.


Thanks for being interested in applying and we will contact you within 48 hours!! Thanks!