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January 17, 2017 at 12:47 pm

noun: fray
a situation of intense competitive activity.

The main reason behind Play Fray is to make it easier to play and compete with your friends on mobile devices. The current versions allows you to play against 64 players in a mini game tournament, but some essential functionality is still missing. The design and ux also need improvement. There are plenty of tasks to pick from and the Play Fray Team is looking for more people willing to contribute. Shared efforts, shared profits.

Task list:

– fix bugs
– improve ux, design, ui
– social integration, friend lists, challenges
– better and more mini games
– support for simple real time games (at a later stage)
– quiz support
– controlling session from web page
– extend the current limitation of 64 players (to 10k++ in next version)

App is developed in Unity3D and backend in Go.

Play Fray is a already available on App Store and Google Play, so the build pipeline is up and running. Are you ready to join?

– The Play Fray Team

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