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June 29, 2015 at 4:21 am

Hi guys,

I’ve been freelancing for a long time now and my entire specialty has been in marketing and public relations – I handle everything from your social media all the way to writing press releases.

What I can do:
Manage your social media
Help you get Greenlit on Steam (Games that don’t get greenlit are games with poor content!)
Provide contacts that can help decrease your overall cost
Write your press releases
Give branding advice
Provide an insight to how you can move forward
Assist you in your Kickstarter campaign

What I can’t do:
Be a miracle worker. There is no way I can help a Kickstarter for a pixel game raise 100,000, nor will I help visual novel projects that are asking way beyond reason. I am the devil’s advocate in the team and give cruel but realistic advice.

My IRL consultation fees are 600/hr which is WAY OUT of everyone’s budget. Therefore, I charge a nominal fee of 150USD – 300USD depending on the amount of effort it would take me to make you successful.

Do you have a portfolio?
Yes – My portfolio is insanely think, but for Kickstarters and some other things, I can’t really divulge much information due to the nature of the agreement binding me to keep silent 🙂 NDAs – We hate it, but it is necessary.

I look forward to working with you guys soon!