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September 15, 2017 at 1:59 pm

Edit: I’ve just scrapped this project. It was going nowhere. Not that anyone cares.


My project is called Otherworld. It’s a society simulator, which has shifted focus from mainly being about PCs interacting with each other to PCs interacting with NPC groups. NPC groups each have their own set of world views and in the future, PCs can drive them into conflicts with each other. The differences or similarities in world views will define how groups get along with each other.

Currently there are so many abstract ideas that they need to be fleshed out before it makes any sense to program them. Otherwise I will just end up rewriting things over and over again. This is why I need people to discuss ideas with me and provide feedback and fresh points of view. We have a Discord channel where most of the discussion takes place. Contact me and I will give you a link.

One of the ideas is a so-called aspect based crafting system, where we write a list of aspects such as “sharp edge”, “smooth surface”, “supporting leg”, and define which materials you need for them and what you need to do to those materials to accomplish this aspect. Then players can suggest new items by defining which aspects they have and the associations will define which tools and materials are needed. The goal is to have a flexible crafting system that allows players to create things that the developers didn’t think of in the first place. One of the fundamental ideas is that everything costs materials and people can’t for example make a cloak solely out of wool cloth, then write in the description that it has a silk lining and a fur trim. The system needs to be so flexible that you can physically add any lining, trim, ties, buttons and buckles you wish to your cloak without a need for the devs to program each combination separately.

It helps if you can think like a programmer, but it’s not a must for joining the project. If you know php, you can also participate in the coding, but I must warn you, there are tens of thousands of lines of code and some people get overwhelmed by seeing a glimpse of it.