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October 22, 2017 at 6:26 pm

Hello everyone,
I am looking for 4 people to join my team:
2 organic modelers,
An animator/rigger,
And a programmer.
We will be working on a game that is pretty much almost complete, though what we are working on is a mod.
so I got in touch with the developer of the game and he agreed to allow me to mod everything in the game, and not just the gameplay/entities and textures.
We are using a custom engine, which is programmed in C++ but we will be using java to mod, here is the link to see details of the engine. (,
We will be needing the programmer mainly for AI programming for the entities, inventory programming as well as simple tweaking.
As for the modelers, we will be mainly needing organic monsters as well as simple creatures such as mice, rabbits and so on.
If you guys are interested, message me discord (scorpiologist#6070)
PS, what it’s to the team is a prop modeler and designer.