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October 18, 2016 at 8:40 pm

PastTimeGames is looking for new or old members to join our group. We are currently looking for voice actors, scriptwriters, artists/animators, programmers, producers, sound effect artists and lighting artists. This is unpaid but upon making money you will get royalties and contracts with PastTimeGames that could possibly bring you a small income. PastTimeGames has not created any games currently but I plan on changing that. Perks of joining PastTimeGames is we will all throw our ideas in to create a game that can grow and will be worked on until a finished product. My name is Joel Graydon I will be your Game Designer, which means I am your leadership role that will take all finished product and either pass them or reject them depending on the best interest of PastTimeGaming. Because I am not just giving out PastTimeGamings’ Skype, you can contact me at there will be the fastest way of getting ahold of me for more information. I will be very clear in the beginning if you are thinking about joining our team. Ages will be 16+ years of age and can have time to put into this development. The goal for PastTimeGames is to become a successful indie game developer. The game will be made in either Unreal Engine 4 Or Unity3D that can be decided by the team that will be finalized upon creating the project. I plan on keeping this professional and I encourage you to keep your work ethic professional. Please contact me at I look forward to hearing from you.