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August 24, 2015 at 1:40 am

I’m currently looking for an 2.5D parallax artist for an video game. We will be creating a dungeon part for Tales from Felmonia, this will be used for the Kickstarter and to give it to the media to get our names out there.

The type of artwork will be like(Reference):

About World of Gearworks: Tales From Felmonia

Tales from Felmonia is an open world, Steampunk RPG, with dungeon crawling added to it. This game is meant to show what a true Steampunk game is really about. The style of this game is meant to be realistic and say about a nation and how it’s using these greater powers to power their inventions. You follow the character named Alec Ozymandias on his adventure to become a military personal of Felmonia. Once you traveled to the capital of Felmonia you find yourself, overhearing the general talking about a dangerous creature that hold up in an old mine. After hearing that you’re going into the room and tell the generals that you will take this job. You travel to this old mine, which is actually a first dungeon. After doing the dungeon you go to the final boss and find out that they been harvesting them for power, since these creatures are very powerful. This is just a little bit of the story cut short.


We will discuses the payment, before we start working on the artwork.



Please e-mail with portfolio and resume.