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December 19, 2017 at 7:39 am

Hey there =) My name is Max and I’m working on a project, just like lots of people here. For now we’ve got 3 people: me as a programmer and game designer, a composer and concept artist. But there’s still no in-game visuals. So what we need is an artist, that will draw vector sprites and an animator, that will, well, animate things=)
We’re not a company, we’re just an ambitious guys, that decided to start developing games and sharp their skills. So we don’t require hyper-professional, we’ll accept anyone. Anyone, who likes what he’s doing and ready to do stuff, of course.
We don’t have any budget for now, but if project can make it to the release – all of your hardwork will be paid off=)
Thanks a lot for your attention. If you need more info – ask for it here or via e-mail . If you are enthusiastic – I would really like to work with you =)