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January 14, 2018 at 2:13 am

Howdy! I’m Olive, and I’m working on a survivor-horror roguelike game which may or may not be open-world (still deciding on that). I”m just learning how to program on Unity and I’m an intermediate artist who can draw in certain, cartoony-styles. What I can’t draw though, is backgrounds. I also cannot draw in the style I want for the talk-sprites that’ll appear.

I’m looking for that artist. Someone who can draw me the necessary sprites to create that background or draw the talk-sprites in a Vivziepop sort-of style (look it up to see what I mean). Keep in mind that if you volunteer to draw the backgrounds, you cannot just provide me an image of the creepy forest; you also have to provide all the trees and the ground in totally separate images so that I can add them as separate sprites. A general image may be good too, but everything item itself must be in a separate image in order for this work.

If you can contribute to this, that would be fantastic!! If you’re an advanced artist who is up for the task, please message me with your Discord so we can discuss the details! Thank you for reading. :>