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October 5, 2017 at 1:13 am

To get straight to the point:

I hope to find some people to work with around here…

I have LUA experience as my foremost programming skill, I can work with C++ from time to time, javascript is a learning as I go field.

My absolute main skill is brainstorming and coming up with concepts and ideas for games that if I had all of the skills I needed, would already be out there in the world for people to enjoy. But unfortunately, I don’t have these skills, and therefor I have only been able to make due with small hobby projects such as changing the mechanics of some mods for games, making short games with cheesy graphics that I sometimes borrow from friends, and those sort of things that usually go unnoticed.

I am finishing up piecing together an idea for a project that is a lot bigger than I can handle on my own, especially since I am not really any good at artwork ever since I busted my primary hand up a few years back. Although I happen to write my own lyrics and sing them, I haven’t delved into actually making music myself so that sort of thing is also out of the question for me. I can, however, piece together a number of game mechanics in both 2D and 3D aspect games using the Godot engine, which is currently my go to until I can find some bits and pieces of program that I can freely tinker with to learn how to use other engines that I am interested in getting involved with in time. I’m not looking to make my own game engine so long as perfectly working game engines exist and are available under terms of use that I can agree with.

I am currently in the market for a crew; more specifically I need 3D artists (at least one specified in level/world design, and one specified in character design, kudos if you are able to also do object designs such as items and equipment on the side, and an artist specified for item and object design such as buildings and dungeons and interactive objects in the levels/worlds, as well as an artist capable of creating unique monsters of various types and is willing to collaborate with the character design artist for a number of pieces); a music composer who is fluid in both mellow and upbeat creations; at least two specialized programmers to assist in piecing everything together who are also willing to help me further grow my experience in programming outside of what I already know as we work (one for the more complex in game aspects, and another for networking interactions programming); this last one isn’t a requirement for the team but it would be awesome if I had another mind to shoot ideas back and forth with and can counteract my hardcore difficulty obsession so that the game will be enjoyable for a larger audience instead of being so difficult that it breaks the boundary between sadism and masochism, mixing them up into one big pile of nightmares. I don’t think people would enjoy that kind of difficulty, so having someone who can keep me from leading the game to such difficulty would be a wonderful fallback.

The projects that I spearhead are open to be crowdfunded so long as the funding is prioritized to the game development and services (such as purchasing or starting the rental of networking services for games that would have online features) and any remaining profit is then split evenly among all members who have contributed to the project, but I can not afford to make payments ahead of time myself. I am also more than definitely up for profit sharing when it comes to the projects that either have in game real money markets, or that would be pay-to-play or buy-to-play. I will say this now though, I absolutely abhor pay-to-win to the point where I wouldn’t even want to be involved in the creation of a game that follows that line of nonsense.

Anyone who is interested, please message me directly and feel free to leave a comment on this if you want. I am open for working on multiple smaller projects on the side while handling the much grander project as well.