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September 12, 2015 at 5:52 am


I was browsing around the – what seems to be – the king of search engines, Google, looking for a college to go to after I graduate (I’m in my last year, and will be 19 by December) when I can across this website. And, man, was I looking for something like this.

Hi, I’m Jean, a 18-until-December senior in high school who really likes games. Video games to be specific. I mean, sports are cool and all but not my thing. The sun really likes making my skin turn into bacon. Bacon is awesome, yeah, but I rather not be cooked alive. Anyway, I’ve been a gamer for quite some time. I got at least over a few hundred hours of play time in Skyrim. I’ve played through the Mass Effect trilogy twice. (and still made all the same choices because, dude, I put my whole self into that game…and then my favorite characters died…) And, I can’t forget that silly addicting game that no one knows is so addicting until they play it: The Sims. And I’ve played all of them.

But something I didn’t notice until about a year back was that I really liked the idea of being apart of one of these amazing worlds we can create. So, I went and, very haphazardly Googled the how-to’s. The result was a lot of short…experiments that I kept to myself. I had one in RPG Maker that I ended up scrapping because it honestly had no story. One in Unity that was more of just a “let’s see how much fun I can have with this.” And, of course, there was the text-only completely scripted game that was a bit too ambitious for it’s own good.

Now I’m here, writing a very long into when I wanted to keep it short, and looking for something to help create. My ideal role that I want to get into is the writing and story telling part of the game, because that’s what I love. I also have a lot for creating lore and backstories and warp the personality archetypes into something…unique. O u O

Be welcome to hit me up if you want anything else, of course! I’m a fast learner, so I can help out where’s needed!

~ J