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June 27, 2015 at 9:37 pm

@jordan_martin don’t worry that is fine, any engine is absolutely fine, pro edition or not. I am sure @wifom would agree 🙂

June 28, 2015 at 2:26 am

wow too bad I’m just a composer lol

July 1, 2015 at 3:54 am

Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been MIA for a while. Life has been hectic but don’t worry, it doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten the game jam! I will be announcing the theme in 7 minutes so prepare your pants!

July 1, 2015 at 4:03 am

Uh oh, looks like the formatting of the post got a little messed up, but the theme is…









A life-changing beginning



Good luck game devs, and we’ll be looking forward to the entries.


Remember to update your devblogs!

July 1, 2015 at 6:59 pm

Oh I just saw this announcement – how did I miss it. Exciting!!

July 2, 2015 at 9:15 am

Hi, I’m participating this game jam with 3 friends from collage. Do I need to “create a project” to participate this, or just summit the project to ?

July 2, 2015 at 10:40 am

Hey @arie_tsang – no you don’t need to, as long as it submitted to that is fine 🙂

July 2, 2015 at 8:36 pm

@arie_tsang And be sure to have a devblog! 🙂

July 3, 2015 at 11:16 am

Oh my! So, this is it? The beginning of jam?

July 3, 2015 at 12:43 pm

hi @ckau! yes , this is it =)

July 3, 2015 at 1:30 pm

Oh my, I was watching  this page  for announcement and further info (dates, theme, etc.) 🙁

July 15, 2015 at 11:58 pm

Oh no, can we still summit our game? I know it’s almost an hour late. We have a little baby around, and we could only do it just now 🙁

July 16, 2015 at 6:26 am

Yes, quick go for it =)

July 16, 2015 at 8:18 am

Thanks but I only got to read the message now. It’s 9am here. Where can I summit it (now that the jam page is closed)? Thanks.


July 16, 2015 at 1:46 pm


Thank you to everyone who has joined and submitted an entry to the first game jam! 🙂

Our judges will be taking the next few weeks to review and assign points to each submission. We should be hearing back from them in early August!

Stay tuned. Until then, feel free to leave any questions!

@arie_tsang: Go ahead and send us a separate link and we’ll enter your game in as a submission.