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October 10, 2017 at 7:18 pm

Hi, my name is Gru and I am the head of Ennoble Studios. I have 2 Steam-published games behind me, 5+ years in Unity programming (C#), 5+ years in IT/software employment, asset store developer…


We have recently announced our new game, DISTURBANCY, a rogue-lite FPS with procedurally generated levels, realistic graphics style and old-school gameplay.


We are currently looking for a 2D artist for:

– Logo design

– 2D promo art assets

– UI design and UI elements assets


The first step will be the logo design. If what works for both sides, we can continue with further collaboration.


Currently we only offer profit-share compensation model. If you see perspective in this project, and are interested in long-term gains feel free to apply.


My time zone is UTC+1. Contact me exclusively at pcbastion[at]gmail[dot]com.