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May 3, 2016 at 12:53 pm


Hi, my name is Gru and I am the head of Ennoble Studios. I have 2 Steam-published games behind me, 3+ years in Unity programming (C#), 5+ years in IT/software employment, asset store developer…


Currently the game has 1 dedicated game designer and myself. I am looking for an additional game designer that is reliable and willing to help shape the project into something great the players will enjoy. You would be assigned certain tasks relating to game design and would not be involved in writing code. The game will be on Desktop platforms and will be published on Steam. If you are free and willing to commit seriously to something (6-12 months scale) then I believe this is a great opportunity for any designer to start fresh in a supportive and focused environment. I am looking for dedicated, passionate, proactive, committed people willing to commit upwards of 30 hrs/week to game design.


The game will have TD, action and strategy elements and I am expecting somebody with solid understanding of these genres. The project is currently in the prototype state and features are currently being added actively. Currently all art is placeholders so I will not include the screenshots here, but a good deal of features are completed and I will answer about that in private.


I’m not often on this forum, let me know if you’re interested on pcbastion[at]gmail[dot]com.

You can find a bit more data about us on my site ( This project is going to be much bigger and better than any previosu one for us. If you aren’t quite sure if this is the right place for you, don’t hesitate to send me an email and I’ll answer your questions.


I am offering a 2 week warm-up period. This will serve as a training grounds to get you acclimated to our working procedures and standards and see if you’re the adequate profile that we’re looking for. If it doesn’t work beyond that period for me or you, no hard feelings, and everyone will move on. I am approaching this form the perspective of both parties evaluating if this collaboration is a good fit.


I am offering profit share on project completion. We pay close attention to financial payoff of the project and as a game designer it will be one of your duties to steer further towards that.


Previous game design experience to some degree is required, either through formal education or even better through completed previous projects. The emphasis on this project is away from story and characters and towards game mechanics and creating the fun.


Preferable location is Europe, or being able to schedule meeting times convenient for everyone.


Previously I met a few people with an attitude of “maybe contribute a little bit, maybe once or twice per week, see how it works, and then jump from project to project when bored”. This is absolutelly not the kind of attitude I approve of and I hope this is not you.


Game Designer Tasks:

– Conceptual game design. Invention of additional game mechanics and expansion of existing ones.

– Design documentation, creation of GDD and similar documents.

– Level design.

– Brainstorming sessions, meetings over Hipchat.

– Quality Assurance testing.

– Conformation to existing and evolving work procedures on our collaboration platform.

– Creation of game mechanics and systems.

– Developing and balancing game mechanics.

– Definition of additional gameplay elements, such as achievements, upgrades, perks etc.

– Interface conceptual design and testing, both in game and in the menus.

– Creative/narrative writing.

– Creation of game characters, backstory, dialogue, plot.

– Campaign level design with focus on pacing and introduction of gameplay elements.


Game Designer Skills:

– Be passionate and enthusiastic about game development and the process of creating a game.

– Be self-driven. Constantly consider new ideas and be relentlessly proactive about game design. Actively research relevant areas of professional development led by self interest.

– Keep the mind on the big picture, as well as being able to describe the relations between systems in explicit detail. Be able to think systematically and strategically.

– Be imaginative, inventive and creative. Have a persistant curiosity about how things could be designed better.

– Be able to formulate the definitions precisely and concisely. Ability to communicate the vision clearly, on paper or verbally. Ability to articulate it both in terms of crucial game mechanics and tasks required to complete the working. Have good written and verbal communication skills.

– Be able to work in collaboration with multi-disciplinary teams, possibly in different time zones.

– Be able to accept constructive feedback on the work. Be able to adjust the vision and iterate based on circumstances.

– Have basic visual design and drawing skills.

– Be capable in Unity engine. This will involve editor operations but not code writing.

– Possess a thorough understanding of game play theory.

– Have storytelling and narrative development skills.

– Be skilled in information design and user interface design.




– Gru

October 14, 2016 at 2:11 pm

The ad is active again and is fully updated.

November 9, 2016 at 4:37 pm

This ad is active again.

November 14, 2016 at 4:38 am

Hello I am a beginner game designer. But I believe I am competent enough. I have no experience at all. Though, I hope that I can be of some assistance.