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December 8, 2017 at 7:42 pm

Hello potential game dev teammates!

I am looking to recruit some help here on Ludust, and most importantly I am in need of having C# programmers join my team. While I am also looking for other teammates in fields like level design and audio support, programming is the biggest piece to this fan game’s puzzle.

I have attached the game document below. The document is a basic outline of what features will be in “Miles Prower”, a Sonic fan game on Unity 3D. I should note that some of the C# scripts are already in place on some objects, but there will be new scripts that will need to be made that aren’t included in the “Hedge Physics” pack. (Credit to LakeFeperd for creating Hedge Physics:

I’m aiming for progress to be made on this game in 2018, which includes functioning game objects and playtesting.

I will be updating this project more as we go along. Work is being done in level design, modelling and soundtrack composing.

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