We have programmers!

Hi guys,

We already got 3 programmers and couple of voice,music artist and 2 3D modellers!

We will start really soon, we will start with a easy game to get to know eachather, Ball madnes will be the name. Its a simple game with a ball tha rolled away int eh night when sleeping.. He has to find his way home so he can be with his family again but he has a long and dangerous way to go, will you help him to find his family?…

If we make this game and everything goes good.. we can keep on working togheter, after this we will know who wants to stay and who will not.

After this project we will start on the Flight Guard game! So give the best you can, be friendly and we will be the best there is!

Becouse we have allot of composers and related to it we will have to c how many of you guys we need.







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