Music creation | part 1

Hi everyone, I have more requests on Ludust from music composers, and most of them are asking what theme will be in Escape Machines and what music they can use as a reference. I listened today Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon game soundtrack while working on Unreal Engine game design and I decided to make an inspirational record and share the link to this soundtrack. Its a great reference for music, at least for electronic part. One of our team members André Weiß started the work by making a great mix of electronic and symphonic, and we will have more styles in game. Now I am listening to more tracks and choosing the best parts.
So this is my video:

And in this post I will insert more inspiration for music for composers.

This is the video with soundtrack from Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon

And this is the music I wrote

Thanks for listening! Please comment and tell your ideas!


5 thoughts on “Music creation | part 1

  1. Nice! I can really see where you’re wanting to go with the music. I think I MIGHT have taken a little to orchestral of an approach when composing my latest piece for the game, I am thinking you’re wanting the music a little more retro. So I will work with that. But for now, here is something that expresses my first thoughts about the game.

    Tell me what you think!

    -Sean M. Stephens

  2. Taking Shape 🙂

    I really love the 80’s feeling and music but soon to be modern graphics and engine.

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