Interiors creation. New team member.

After I made the exterior scene, few characters, some character motions and blueprints in Unreal Engine 4 I started working at interiors design with our new team member Joris Browers. In this post I will show few screenshots of very early works for interiors for Escape Machines with Unreal Engine 4.




3 thoughts on “Interiors creation. New team member.

  1. Hey Alex! Good to have a general idea when we’ll be seeing what the actual game will be like.

  2. I think it will take 2 months more to make a good Unreal Engine build. We will launch it when it will be awesome and when it will have some more gameplay so it takes time. Thank you for your understanding and support.
    Please keep posting comments and giving us feedback.

  3. Good to see that you’re still making progress. I’m wondering if you have any idea of when there will be a playable build of the Unreal version (don’t need a specific date, just a general idea).

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