DevBlog January 2018

Hello guys, we are preparing for multiplayer launch with UE4.

I post few screenshots from work in progress. The game must be extremely good and there is lots of work on materials but it is interesting, I learned how to use Bevel_Overlay node in UE4 to change texture color fast. Here is a screenshot from the lesson on youtube:


This is a screenshot of how I implement Blend_Overlay node making the roof material.


and lights, here are screenshots how I make dark Cyberpunk atmosphere, from this


into this sky and light.


Its taking lots of time to bake lights and compile materials.

devblog_2 changelog_2

We made grenades, destroyable cars.

As I said in previous posts in next update we have 2 multiplayer levels. In first levelyou must switch quantum computers to create forks in cryptocurrency. And In second level you have to bring the case with 1 million dollars to the helicopter and fly away.

Here are screenshots of University in first level and the helicopter in Airport level:




And some blueprints: ( I call them spagetti 🙂

snap_4 snap1 snap2 snap3 snap5

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