DevBlog December 2017

Hello guys. I have some great news! An awesome electronic music band Orax gave us permission to use their music in Escape Machines.

Listen their music and buy an album at


The develoment of Escape Machines the videogame is going slow but we target highest quality and I will better wait with posting screenshots with game graphics, until next month.

Also I updated an older post and we plan to launch update with multiplayer and 2 levels with Unreal Engine 4 in next months.

Please write in comments if I should post raw images of levels faster or wait until they look great?

Here is a screenshot of working on helicopter model for multiplayer level 2


Screenshot of works on hero animations


I am planning to add this texture to blue material but probably it will be too small, but will look good in close view. Please leave comments about design overall and about this texture.


We are working also on design document. I was advised to not show design document to everyone, but I will post a small portion with guns. Most probably only this 4 guns and knife and grenades will be available in next update (hopefully in April 2018). Also in next updates you will be able to buy and control robots.


And this is a screenshot of how I set the sky and light. Feedback is welcome!



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  1. Definitely post screenshots of things as often as possible. I’d rather see something that’s a work in progress than nothing at all.

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