DevBlog November|2018

Last months we encountered tons of technical issues, we made multiplayer, tested it on test ID and it works, but the game’s ID is not working and we couldnt solve this for 5 months so in next update we just launch Campaign multiplayer and after this we will search more for solution.
Last months I worked on characters, I will post few screenshots of characters and a bit of story.




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DevBlog March |2018

Hi, everyone,

the planned update launch in February didnt happen because we had to change the multiplayer system to one supporting high load.  We switched from GameSparks to native UE4 networking. But the delay in development is not big, just few weeks or months from now. So, April-May is our goal to launch multiplayer on Unreal Engine 4.

My idea is to make maps for 32 players. In next update we will have 2 maps:




and The Airport:


Also we plan to launch next update with 9 types of guns and 2 types of grenades.

The 9 types of guns are:



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DevBlog January 2018

Hello guys, we are preparing for multiplayer launch with UE4.

I post few screenshots from work in progress. The game must be extremely good and there is lots of work on materials but it is interesting, I learned how to use Bevel_Overlay node in UE4 to change texture color fast. Here is a screenshot from the lesson on youtube:


This is a screenshot of how I implement Blend_Overlay node making the roof material.




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DevBlog December 2017

Hello guys. I have some great news! An awesome electronic music band Orax gave us permission to use their music in Escape Machines.

Listen their music and buy an album at




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  1. Definitely post screenshots of things as often as possible. I’d rather see something that’s a work in progress than nothing at all.

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DevBlog October 2017

Hi guys, the multiplayer programming is taking us more time than we expected.

We make multiplayer with GameSparks and it’s plugin for Unreal Engine is outdated and doesnt work. We are looking for workarounds to solve this issue.



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DevBlog July 2017

Hi guys, we finished setting first stage for multiplayer. Lots of time took fixing buildings and roads and still must work on lights and materials. We started making and testing multiplayer.



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DevBlog June 2017

Hi everyone!

I am posting few screenshots of what we made in June. We are finalizing first stage and start making multiplayer. We was planning to launch multiplayer in August but our programmer left so multiplayer will come few months later.

d66f01032f23e2d1bbafbe846a2c2148e1d82a0b46e34d557bpimgpsh_fullsize_distrppt-4 ppt-5


I am working on more projects, a Rock music album, a New Age music and video clip

Also I write film scenarios and a novel and few paintings. I know you want to see something finished and the next release is a small videogame. The name of this videogame is The Tale of The Black Prince. You can follow this game, it launches soon on Steam and meanwhile Follow on Facebook

I am glad to see your feedback and comments.


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May 2017 development blog

Hello everyone, the work is going on. We have a detailed design document and we are solving many issues, testing many materials, making textures, all this to ensure you get the best experience with Escape Machines multiplayer.

This screenshot is very raw, I didnt want to post it but I couldnt finish some details in May so the video launch is postponed to June 2017.

We plan to launch multiplayer in August.

Please wait for the video coming in few weeks. I am not posting many screenshots now because we are working on ground materials now and trees too.

May 2017 rb1

Comments and donations are welcome. Follow for major updates on



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Roadmap 2017

Hello everyone,

our old indie engineer from Sweden dropped and now I work with new engineer from Slovenia.

Here are few screenshot of robots from game, a laser robot and a mortar.

highresscreenshot00001 highresscreenshot00005

In game you can play as main hero and also buy robots and control them. As you know in desert there is an entire robots factory so there will be plenty of robots for everyone.

The last year I was working on concepts and story, Escape Machines have awesome design and story about how Artificial Intellect escaped out of control and how people stopped it. I am making artificial intellects so I know what I am talking about and I hope my knowledge will help humanity to stay safe.

I know for sure that wars with AI will happen in near future and I hope we can control it.

My initial plan was to make a beta and find investments but it didnt work, so now I rely only on my own resources. Soon I will have money and will hire programmers and meanwhile we work in an indie team.

The roadmap is to hire more engineers by summer and launch multiplayer by fall and then launch entire game by winter.

Now we are making scripts with C++, I started with blueprints but for a big game blueprints is not an option because it takes too much space. The Flash version of Escape Machines has thousands of lines of code but I programmed 3D environment in Flash, and with Unreal Engine there will be less code but still too much code too use blueprints. I made a screenshot of the character controller blueprint I made, with new version of Unreal Engine I can convert it to C++.


Please feel free to comment, write feedback and also I might publish the story of the game before entire game because the main purpose of this project is to teach humanity how to deal with artificial intellect and war robots.



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Inspirational art | updated 1 time

Hi everyone. In this post I will share some images I found on Facebook and which I consider good inspiring art.

Please post art you consider inspiring in comments!




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