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new dev team - Published by alex.jackson

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Uh-Oh - Published by Kay John

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PROJECT INDIGO - Published by Usman Malik

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Maze Attack - Published by Joshua West

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Rumrunner Entertainment - Published by Austin

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Otherworld - Published by Ilona Ward

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May 2017 development blog

Escape Machines - Published by Alex Greentown

Hello everyone, the work is going on. We have a detailed design document and we are solving many issues, testing many materials, making textures, all this to ensure you get the best experience with Escape Machines multiplayer.

This screenshot is very raw, I didnt want to post it but I couldnt finish some details in May so the video launch is postponed to June 2017.

We plan to launch multiplayer in August.

Please wait for the video coming in few weeks. I am not posting many screenshots now because we are working on ground materials now and trees too.

May 2017 rb1

Comments and donations are welcome. Follow for major updates on https://www.facebook.com/EscapeMachines/


Roadmap 2017

Escape Machines - Published by Alex Greentown

Hello everyone,

our old indie engineer from Sweden dropped and now I work with new engineer from Slovenia.

Here are few screenshot of robots from game, a laser robot and a mortar.

highresscreenshot00001 highresscreenshot00005

In game you can play as main hero and also buy robots and control them. As you know in desert there is an entire robots factory so there will be plenty of robots for everyone.

The last year I was working on concepts and story, Escape Machines have awesome design and story about how Artificial Intellect escaped out of control and how people stopped it. I am making artificial intellects so I know what I am talking about and I hope my knowledge will help humanity to stay safe.

I know for sure that wars with AI will happen in near future and I hope we can control it.

My initial plan was to make a beta and find investments but it didnt work, so now I rely only on my own resources. Soon I will have money and will hire programmers and meanwhile we work in an indie team.

The roadmap is to hire more engineers by summer and launch multiplayer by fall and then launch entire game by winter.

Now we are making scripts with C++, I started with blueprints but for a big game blueprints is not an option because it takes too much space. The Flash version of Escape Machines has thousands of lines of code but I programmed 3D environment in Flash, and with Unreal Engine there will be less code but still too much code too use blueprints. I made a screenshot of the character controller blueprint I made, with new version of Unreal Engine I can convert it to C++.


Please feel free to comment, write feedback and also I might publish the story of the game before entire game because the main purpose of this project is to teach humanity how to deal with artificial intellect and war robots.


Inspirational art

Escape Machines - Published by Alex Greentown

Hi everyone. In this post I will share some images I found on Facebook and which I consider good inspiring art.

Please post art you consider inspiring in comments!







Interiors creation. New team member.

Escape Machines - Published by Alex Greentown

After I made the exterior scene, few characters, some character motions and blueprints in Unreal Engine 4 I started working at interiors design with our new team member Joris Browers. In this post I will show few screenshots of very early works for interiors for Escape Machines with Unreal Engine 4.



Cut-scenes and characters creation | part 1 |

Escape Machines - Published by Alex Greentown

I am posting a screenshot from Unreal Engine with some characters. Its a work in progress. More updates will come soonSCENE_2


Music creation | part 1

Escape Machines - Published by Alex Greentown

Hi everyone, I have more requests on Ludust from music composers, and most of them are asking what theme will be in Escape Machines and what music they can use as a reference. I listened today Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon game soundtrack while working on Unreal Engine game design and I decided to make an inspirational record and share the link to this soundtrack. Its a great reference for music, at least for electronic part. One of our team members André Weiß started the work by making a great mix of electronic and symphonic, and we will have more styles in game. Now I am listening to more tracks and choosing the best parts.
So this is my video:
And in this post I will insert more inspiration for music for composers.

This is the video with soundtrack from Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon
And this is the music I wrote
Thanks for listening! Please comment and tell your ideas!

Unreal Engine first works

Escape Machines - Published by Alex Greentown

I started migrating Escape Machines to Unreal Engine. Here are few first screenshots.


Hello world!

Escape Machines - Published by Alex Greentown

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Recruiting progress

AllHeart - Published by Israel Victor

I am glad to announce that we have 1 new member. The marketing position has been filled.

Welcome to Blood and Steel!

Blood and Steel Prodject - Published by Nathaniel

Welcome to the Blood and Steel Blog!
We will post something when we have something to show.

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Velocity Racing - Published by Jacob Neal

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The Legends Gate:Battle Of Sorrugar - Published by Rio Dakota Lloyd

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Ancient Arena: a Bold New Fighting Game - Published by Isaac J Decker

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Update - Bounty of Polishes Update Info

Shattered Realms: Mortal Tale - Published by Blake

The project is going well, lots of polish in the gameplay, storyline, and bug fixing department, and I'm gradually reaching the end of the Bounty of Polishes Update, which is great, because I can finally begin work on Chapter 2, which is where some of the meat of SR:MT's story really begins. A lot has been done, ranging from monster battler updates:


-To the implementation of entire story arcs with certain characters. For those of you wanting more frequent updates, my apologies for not keeping you all in the loop, with all of the various websites that I promote this website on, it can be difficult to keep track of all of them. If you want to follow this project and be sure that you will be informed, I recommend following me on the Facebook, Twitter, or GameJolt Accounts.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ShatteredRealmsMortalTale/

Twitter (My Twitter): https://twitter.com/_DracoWyrm

GameJolt: http://gamejolt.com/games/shattered-realms-mortal-tale/188745

YouTube (Videos showing game footage, announcements, or OST updates): https://www.youtube.com/user/AoDLegacy?&ab_channel=AoDLegacy

Shattered Realms: Mortal Tale Demo Live!

Shattered Realms: Mortal Tale - Published by Blake

The demo for the game is live! You can download it at the following locations!



Any bugs, issues, feedback, and commentary on the game is appreciated and will go a long way to making the game's final version infinitely better!

Working on: Sacred Valley Areas, Secrets, and Side Quests [Storyline Spoilers]

Shattered Realms: Mortal Tale - Published by Blake

After defeating Caldera, the Ice Devil hellbent on freezing the region over, the Sacred Valley opens up for extended exploration.

Currently Implemented:

  • Darkwhisper Woods - Really dark, maze like, with a secret area to the south.

  • Lonereach Tower - Mini Dungeon with puzzles, tricks, and traps. Interior TBA.

  • Lake of the Goddess - Large lake with three islands, the Island of Valor, Isles of Wisdom, and Isles of Heart. Islands visitable but do not serve a purpose yet. In progress.

  • East Bastion Ruins - One of the mysterious ruins. Monsters to be added, along with secrets and story. Related to the Westcliff Ruins.

  • Westciff Ruins - Ruins full of Zombies. Both East Bastion and Westcliff are part of the Archaeology Camp sidequest on the east side of the valley. Leads into Echoing Woods.

To Be Added

  • Island of Valor - Arena tournaments against mysterious challengers, gold, exp, and rare items await. Defeating the Island of Valor will allow access to the North Shrine, where the Slumbering Goddess will engage with the Player, and begin the Redeeming the Awakener questline if the Player has saved Belladona from Caldera.

  • Isles of Heart - At certain points the Isles of Heart will have a personal storyline for one of the party members the Player meets along the way. The Player should check back here after completing major storyline arcs for possible stories they can learn.

  • Isles of Wisdom - Scattered tomes of legendary events can be found in hidden chambers beneath the Isles, letting the Player learn some of the Mythos of the Shattered Realms. Secret trigger mechanic should be implemented in either the form of levers, buttons, or an acquirable item that reveals the stairways into the chambers.

  • Lonereach Tower Trials - Upon entering the Lonereach Tower, the Player finds themself in a strange, mystical tower full of traps, monsters, and treasure. Lots of it. No story, but largely just testing the wits of the Player while also trolling the Player at every turn with the developer's nonsense

  • Echoing Woods - A mysterious patch of woods related to the fall of East Bastion and Westcliff. At the center lies a mysterious shrine, guarded by unknown creatures roaring in the deep forest.

Story Arcs (TBA)

  • Fate of the Old World - Learn about the world before SR:MT via the downfall of East Bastion and Westcliff, two ruins whose fate has been lost to history.

  • Redeeming the Awakener - Dependent of the Player's success in Caldera's Keep, the Player is able to help restore the faith of the cursed Awakener and perhaps acquire them as a party member.

  • Gods of the Abyss - Learn the story of Arevenius and Zero, the gods of Good and Evil, via unraveling the secrets of the Isles of Wisdom.

  • Island of Valor Arc - Encounter strange beings with stranger tales, and battle them for access to the North Shrine.

Shattered Realms Mortal Tale, And What I Want to Accomplish

Shattered Realms: Mortal Tale - Published by Blake

So first off I want to say hello, and I hope you are all doing well.

Shattered Realms: Mortal Tale is a project I started back in June 2015, and has been my primary project for at least a good year. I'm currently working on building a public demo, and I try to be very open with my project and the progress it's having. The best way you can keep up with me is on my trello page for Shattered Realms: Mortal Tale.

My philosophy at this point is to create a game that I will love and enjoy making, not to make money. Of course, I am planning on selling this thing eventually, but Shattered Realms is a story years and years in the making, even back in 2011 I was working on this idea. There's a lot to this story and a lot to tell, and frankly I can't do it myself. I could, but it would just be a game with the same standard graphics of any rpg maker game, with some random unique graphics that don't tie into anything well.

So let me actually talk in depth about the game. It's a turnbased combat system, with a special death timer, which is triggered upon leaving designated 'sanctuary zones', and the only way to keep the timer going strong is to kill enemies. The game is being designed to allow a loose, unhindering approach to the story. In other words, you're not going to grind for five hours to beat a boss. You go about the world at your own pace and enjoy said pace, while learning a lot about it.

Regarding the story... ...it's huge. I have been planning the Shattered Realms world for a long time now, and it's got massive secrets behind it (I don't expect anyone to catch on to the major secret of the series by in large anytime soon), and has a very direct relationship with the choices of the Player themselves. If you don't help certain people, you may live to regret it later. If you kill certain characters, others will want your head. Saving villagers matters more than your gold and exp. It can change the very course of fate itself. Things add up in this world, and the Player is the straw that breaks the camel's back. Needless to say, crazy things get to happen here. Depending on your actions, multiple endings and routes become available or disappear.

That's what I have to say for the game itself really. There's stuff like professions in the works, side missions, hidden areas... but other than that, I think I've covered what I'm intending to accomplish. If you have any questions I will answer as best as possible.



Hello world!

Project B - Published by Wayne Zieminek

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Created a Starter Save and Load System

Tales of Legends: Lionhart - Published by Devin Bell

I have been able to create a starting Save and Load system that will keep track of what the player has in their Inventory and what the have Equipped. Soon will add Max Life, Mind, and Stamina.

New characters

New Kind of Adventure - Published by Alex Greentown

I keep working with my indie team on 3D characters.

This is a cave wolf. This characters stay mostly in shadow or in cave and at night they go out.

Screenshots from 3Ds modelling work

wolf wolf_2

Video references from Spirited Away movie

New Kind of Adventure - Published by Alex Greentown

I am posting this references mostly for my team members but you can enjoy Spirited Away movie video and images as well

ss_2 ss_3 ss_4 ss_1


Fragment from Spirited Away (2001) | The city with ghosts


Fragment from Spirited Away (2001) | The river with ghosts


First task for music composers

New Kind of Adventure - Published by Alex Greentown

This post is a continuation of previous post where I started a discussion about music being written for New Kind of Adventure. More composers sent me tracks but I want to hear opinions of many people and start a discussion about music creation.

I am asking the composers to upload a soundtrack on http://soundcloud.com which will show the mood of this game area, a cave with crystals:


Also I encourage everyone to comment the music.

Also I am publishing a track I wrote for this videogame to encourage other composers to show their works in progress.


And remember the last post with music references will be updated with new tracks:



Music creation | part 1

New Kind of Adventure - Published by Alex Greentown

In this post I will write about music creation process for New Kind of Adventure. I will post references, music tracks, maybe even interview with music composers.
This post will be updated, for now I will post a reference for Ambient genre music which I like very much.
This is a track I made for this game

I want to mention Tony Manfredonia, professional composer with academical studies, who already made 3 tracks, they are in progress but his latest track is better than first tries and I hope soon he will make an awesome track I will be proud to put it in game and to post here.

This post will be updated with new songs.

New characters

New Kind of Adventure - Published by Alex Greentown

I just added the Dragon character and my friend Daniel asked for a character a little strawberry with legs and hands so I painted him as a concept. I am looking forward to hear your opinion on this characters and also you can ask for more characters you want to see in New Kind of Adventure .


Hello world!

New Kind of Adventure - Published by Alex Greentown

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First Foray into Ludust

SON.NET - Published by Benjamin Winn

This marks SON.NET's first foray into group development - now with two new members in the crew. We will be posting updates of some of the content created in the upcoming weeks. The gears are turning!

Hello world!

Olympus TCG - Published by Eli Sussman

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Welcome to the Development Blog!

Phoenix Rising - Published by Trevor Craven

Today marked the first real day of work on Phoenix Rising. The team is beginning to grow and I am receiving emails and messages with offers of help. So far today I have received messages from an Artist and a Sound Designer. I also reached out to people myself. I learned something new today; Tessellation and LOD, it might sound like noob stuff, but hey. I'm new to this :)

Today I spent 3 hours creating a replica of Earth, with clouds, day/night cycle with lights. It was a nightmare. But it got done and I am happy it is done. I also added our RL solar system to the "level" today, including textures,mesh's,blueprints, etc. Tomorrow a solar orbit system will be implemented. I hope to see planets orbiting around the sun along with the moon(s). I am trying to reach out for modelers. Static "spacestations and/or battlestations" will have to come in soon after to become implemented with the orbital system. I hope to also get some asteroid fields put in place tomorrow; and hopefully have them working by night time.

I have no idea how to program a HUD or start menu. It would be nice to see something implemented by the end of the week.

Thanks for reading this DevBlog!

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R.E.A.P.E.R. Rescue Blog - Published by Bethany

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DecoOnline - Published by ali hassan

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Frank the Cat - Published by Ben James

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Project Depths - Published by Ryan Fong

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RegretTale - Published by HamdiXN

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EduVR - Indie VR/Vive Project - Published by Rob Julian

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ROTii - Published by Brandon Smith

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Welcome to Project A

Project A - Published by Juan Bautista

Welcome to Project A. We are currently working on a futuristic First-Person Shooter set in 2062.

If you are interested in working with us, we'd be happy to take your job application into account. However, as the game is still in the design stage, we will not be able to employ all the staff that we need.

Hello world!

[XG] Tower Defense Blog - Published by Aalyiarah Xirin

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Lethal Extinction - Published by Jacob Crawford

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Mexcube - Published by Lukas Olson

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Outlaw Heaven - Published by Tavana Kiani

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Game development - Published by Hamish

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Disney Run - Published by Mist

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Drum Dum - Published by Abdo

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One Man Army - Published by Miha Prezelj

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Project Amethyst Dreams - Published by Ben Hood

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Endless Saga - Published by Matthew Betts

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fARMER Z (working title) - Published by RunnerX

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LeagueOfGenerals - Published by Reuben

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One Thing Left To Do - Published by Ahmet Koctar

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FapADuck Website Development - Published by Adam Jacks

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Live On - Published by Skyknight Beoulve

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Zombie Tycoon - Published by Caleb Stevens

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The Wanderer - Published by Andy Austin

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Silva 9 The Hybrid Rebellion, A visual Novel - Published by David Belcher

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Screenshots in pre-alpha

Star Fields Ultra - Published by Alex Greentown

Hi everyone, I need testers for Star Fields Ultra - a new cyberpunk videogame I do. This game is about racing starships, cars and shoot them up. Also you can upgrade your starship or car. Game includes lots of drifting, nitro, awesome graphics and physics. Here are few screenshots from pre alpha.

Write a message and Like here https://www.facebook.com/starfieldsultra







Hello world!

Robot Games - Published by Giorgos Tsakonas

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We're Getting There

Hermes Gaming - Published by Jon Krouse

Hey everyone, as the title says, we're getting there. We're all starting to settle down and get settled in. I did put a little ad on Reddit to try to draw more people in, especially those who we don't have already, or need more of. Felix did get the Slack account up and running and we'll probably start using that more than we use Ludust. I'll keep you all posted.



Hermes Gaming - Published by Jon Krouse

How's everyone doing? Well, we're established. Anyone that's interested, go ahead and apply! We're looking for anyone to help!


Jon Krouse

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Hameno - Published by Oscar

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Factory Madness Development Blog - Published by David

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Artists, skills and AI

The Final Frontier - Published by Rens Jan van der Linden

Hey guys,  It's has been a while since the last blog post but things are going nice, we have some expansions to the team and I have been working on the programming.

the design document

Jack has put a lot of work in the design document for the past 2weeks and has finished it, everything is written down on paper and we know what the game is going to be like

the game itself

While Jack was working on the design document I decided to finish the skill system, the first enemy and the stat system(health, energy and shields)Schermafbeelding 2015-09-06 om 10.46.37Schermafbeelding 2015-09-06 om 10.46.37


You guys remember the time where I was searching for a artist, now there is not one, not two but three artist working on the art(1concept artist and 2artists) and the game is starting to get a nice shape

Colour_Design Full_ConceptBase_Remodel_Details

Update [9/1/2015]

The Final Frontier - Published by Jack Patrick

Sorry about the delay! We've been so busy with the game that we forgot to update our development journal.

At this point, we've completed the design document, and the skills we want to implement have been programmed. Our composer and sound designer have also been hard at work in creating the music and sound effects for the game. They plan on using a modular type of composition for the soundtrack. This means that they will layer the music in accordance to the events within the game. For example, if the player encounters an enemy, there will be a theme that is layered on top of the initial theme (as opposed to simply changing the track). We feel this will be less abrupt and will allow us to communicate the atmosphere of the world more effectively.

That's all for now! We'll talk a little bit about our progression system in our next update.

Visual Update (8/21/2015)

The Final Frontier - Published by Jack Patrick


Schermafbeelding 2015-08-21 om 13.26.57Yes, we know... it's not pretty, but it doesn't need to be. What's important is that the current mechanics that are designed are operational.

(This is why we need an artist, by the way).

Design document, programming, and staring at my screen

The Final Frontier - Published by Rens Jan van der Linden

Hey guys,

After a couple of days working on the design script, it's starting to come together really nicely. I've also made some really nice progress on the skill system. I had to stare at it for a couple of hours to find out that colliders are acting strange again (this was for the AOE damage), but it's working now. We also have some new members to welcome to the team. There'll be more news on that soon.

Cubes, cubes and more cubes (and a capsule)

The Final Frontier - Published by Rens Jan van der Linden

While I'm searching for an artist, I'm stuck with placeholders. That's how it starts... It isn't bad, but something with a bit more vertices and color would be nicer to look at. With the character movement in place, I'm starting to work on the first weapon: the assault rifle, which is a rapid-firing weapon with low damage and a medium chance of hitting.

The Project Begins

The Final Frontier - Published by Rens Jan van der Linden

Hey guys!

After a week off from thinking about the game, I finally started working on it. The player movement is in place (mk1), and I'm now working on the basic attack for the first class

Hello world!

Worlds end - Published by Nicolas foote

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Back on Track

Death Rule: lost code Overdrive Edition - Published by Hijiri



Hey guys, it's been awhile since the last post. After recovering a bit and considering the opinions of some of the people who commented, I decided to finish what I started. Of course, the release date will have to be moved in accordance with this, this time the release of Death Rule: lost code Overdrive Edition is expected to be in Fall of this year. I personally like to thank my team as well as the people who commented for giving me some insight and allowing me to clear my head.  I hope the few of you who still look at this project from time to time will keep an eye out still.

An Apology

Death Rule: lost code Overdrive Edition - Published by Hijiri

Hello everyone, it's been a  while since the last text post. Now, I'm sure some of you noticed that we have missed our predicted release window for Death Rule: lost code Overdrive Edition. Well, I'm not going to mince words: the reason for the missed release is because of me. Everything that both Iarumas and Katon had to do is done, all that's missing now is the new episode. The preview for Killing System is done, and the GUI remake is done. Really, the only thing holding the release back is the new episode. And because of my slow pace, it may take a while longer to finish
Now, there are two ways we can go about this next part, because this is something that I want you, the reader, to pick.

The First Choice

This is the one that will quickly get the update out. What this first choice entails is that we release everything we have right now. Things I wanted to add via the new story can be added as a bonus, explaining what could have been. This choice would be fast and easy, but it also comes with the knowledge that I as a developer have failed to deliver what I wanted to. Granted, this choice also proves to be a positive overall since it will finally allow us to move on.

The Second Choice

This one is the one I've taken thus far but am considering changing. This choice is the one where I finish what I promise, adding the new episode along with all the extra content.  Of course, this means that we will delay all our other projects as I try to finish this one. You will get the product I want to release, at the cost of drawing everything else out longer than I hoped it would take.

I really do want to hear your feedback, since this is something I will discuss with my team shortly. I myself am willing to put my pride aside in order to give you guys a cleaner product but my choice will be based on your answers as well.

On one last note, I would personally like to apologize to everyone I have kept out of the loop. There are some wonderful people who volunteered to work with our little team but have been kept in the dark. I have failed as a leader in keeping everyone informed, and am willing to take whatever steps necessary in order to correct my mistakes.

Before Overdrive

Death Rule: lost code Overdrive Edition - Published by Hijiri

For those that are curious, before my team started working on Overdrive Edition, we released an original version of Death Rule: lost code. You can download the original work here: http://hijiri.itch.io/death-rule-lost-code

Spell Animation Editor!: In the works

RpgLegend Dev Blog - Published by thephantom


This standalone editor allows us to setup skill and spell animations frame by frame and control all the visual and audio effects that happen to the target of the spell. Such as having the target shake when taking damage, or get smashed and flash.

The animation editor will support particle effects, playing any number of sound effects, and either manually controlling the placement of each animation frame, or using the tweening options to save time.

In the screen shot above of the program you see the lake serpent monster, which is a stand in for the target for the spell I am testing. And I am telling it to show the spell animation effect image 1 on frame 3, and scale it to be twice the size. Also I have set it to change the serpent to be offset hue 60% to the right (think of a sliding hue bar). And I have also set the map behind the serpent to be tinted a light blue color.

The different options you have to control a spell animation can be added without writing a line of code. I have created a mouse-based command selector and the property editor for each command outlines the options without having to reference any documentation.


In this screen shot you can see the various commands that will be available to use to control different spell animations.

Actually previewing the animation is still to come, and when that is complete we will have some GIF previews I am sure (and some youtube videos)! Check back soon!

Social media:

And of course more updates here on Ludust!

Combat Development Begins

RpgLegend Dev Blog - Published by thephantom

To start off the development on the battle system I am releasing this teaser! Which show cases the in-game battle transition effect, which was achieved by taking a screenshot of the map (in-game) and adding a convolution filter and a blur filter on the x-axis. I think it turned out pretty good! What do you think?

Be sure to follow me on social media to stay up to date with my daily progress of this 2D retro JRPG, turn-based side-view battle system development!!

Social media:

And of course more updates here on Ludust!

Ceonead Conceopt Art: First Look

RpgLegend Dev Blog - Published by thephantom


A land covered in eternal night, where no one dares to go, except for the beasts that roam the woods looking for their next meal.  This is Ceonead.  What mysteries does this place hold?


Deep within the Ceonead Woods is a mysterious ruins.  What civilization built this magical place?  And why does it emit a light from deep within its halls?


Sign up to be notified when RpgLegend, a retro 2D multiplayer RPG enters Beta! www.rpglegend.com

Learn more at:

Skill Menu Complete: Crystals, Spells and Auras!

RpgLegend Dev Blog - Published by thephantom

Over the last several days I have been hard at work creating and wrapping up the Skill Menu. And today I am proud to announce that it is complete.

The Skill Menu is the place where you manage your skills, spells and auras. You do this by equipping different crystals and by doing so you harness the magic contained within the crystal. Each crystal contains several abilities. As you use the crystal and rank it up, even more abilities will be unlocked.

You may only equip a certain number of crystals at once. But you are freely able to swap between them out of combat. This adds a few key decisions you must face: Which crystals do you level up first? and Which crystals will be the most helpful and should you bring into each battle? Thankfully, the first skill on every crystal, which you have access to it immediately, is a decent damage ability in that crystal's school of magic. So even if you don't level the crystal, you will still be able to deal the damage of that school.

Once you are done managing and equipping your crystals, you then can easily review all the skills that they will let you harness in battle. If any of these skills could be cast "out of combat" you would also be able to cast it here, such as a healing ability.

The last thing you will want to do before you are done managing your skills is to make sure you bring some Auras into battle. An Aura is a special ability that you can use even when its not your turn, allowing you to react during your enemy's turn, or help your allies during their turns. Each crystal may have one or more Auras, but you may only bring a limited number of Auras into battle. You can easily switch between which Auras "out of combat" and this is another strategic decision you must face. As you level up you will be able to bring more Auras into battle at once.


The Skill Menu is another key step that is now complete, and a step in the direction of the Battle System being implemented into the game. The only steps that are left that are standing between us and implementing the Battle System are the Encounter System and the Monster Editor. More progress soon on those: Stay tuned!

Hello world!

Hero6 - Published by Robert Kety

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First Chapter

Tarot - Published by underfootstudios

Currently coding the first chapter of Tarot. So far I like the Wintermute Engine, and find it powerful and flexible enough to do what I need it to do. I'm getting a lot of the foundational elements working (Inventory, cellphone, character movements, ect...) complete.

I'm frustrated by the art I have to work with. But at least we can move forward.

Welcome to Tarot's Dev Blog

Tarot - Published by underfootstudios

I'll be trying out this Ludust blog to keep people up-to-date on Tarot's development.

Cat in a Hat?? CreaByte Studios! & Dev Update

- Published by Tibs


It's your friendly CM Dalton here! More than a month has passed since I joined the team. I have learned a lot and I really like where this is going! We have some juicy news today! This post will focus on announcing our studio name change and updating you about our current development status and what we have planned in the near future. We'll also be introducing a new member!
Original Post Link - http://aeonchronicles.net/news.php

Cat in a Hat, or CreaByte Studios??
To put it simply, we're the same team! However, a name-change was in order. There are various reasons for this, from SEO to more personal reasons. Cat in a Hat was what started it all, and although we were already working on Aeon Chronicles, then called “Project Color”, the team has changed and shifted since then, as has the game from early concepts. These past couple of months we've really nailed down what we want to do with Aeon Chronicles: Faded World Episode, how we're going to do it, and we've come to get a much more committed team all-around. From the gameplay systems, to the story and lore, everything's ready and being actively worked on, instead of just paper and drafts like it used to be with Cat in a Hat. And so, we'd like to announce CreaByte Studios. CreaByte Studios is the perfect mix between the ideas and visions we have(Creation) and the tools we use(Byte). Henceforth, we'll be adjusting and switching out all Cat in a Hat material with CreaByte Studios as well as our new awesome logo! Since we'll be showing what we have on AC: FWE soon, we also thought this would be the right(and probably best/only) time for a name change.

So, what's going on internally?
The alpha release is under development as we speak, we have pretty much all game systems down and the world of Erospoth is in the making. The main characters and animations are being worked on right now! Everyone's extremely excited about where we're headed, and to see development happen every day is amazing! We have a new member with us, Jason Strang, Artist! He'll be the lead artist and animator for....Yes, our lovely Pepper! His Art-Style and the way he treats Pepper's Design is just a perfect match!

So what's up with the Alpha? When will we get to see it in action?
This Alpha version will be compromised of two “phases” of one of the early levels in the game. We'll be going more in-depth on the what, how and why of these “phases” in a development-post very soon. After some discussion, we've come to the conclusion we'd like the feedback to start from the get-go, as soon as we have something that is playable, and so we'll be making this Alpha version open and public. Not only that, but it should coincide with our pre-campaign with the Square Enix Collective Initiative, giving you one easy place to vote, give feedback, check out the vision we have for the game down the road, as well as what's already playable. Right now, we can't tell you when the pre-campaign will be as it depends on the pacing of development.

Okay, so until then, what can we expect?
In some upcoming news we have stuff we want to show and we will do it as a Development Spotlight-Series where we focus on one development phase at a time and really get in-depth, and that's where the Level “Phases” will come in. That way we can show you what goes on from the inside and tell you a bit more about how the team works. In the near-future we will set up live Dev-Streams with Q&A where we can answer questions in real-time. We want to hear your thoughts/feedback on the game as your engagement will influence the development of the game! We'd like to emphasize the importance of internal and external feedback, we are doing this together! That's what the Pre-Campaign we have planned is for, mainly to explain our vision for the game and be able to mold it from an early stage to what gamers such as yourself want. We play games too, we're avid gamers, we play a lot of games and think “Well, if this had been done that way, it could've worked better”, but in the current generation of gaming, of development, and the whole experience that video-games bring, internal feedback isn't enough anymore.

Sure, sure, but WHEN?
We're looking to start these spotlights and possibly the Dev-Streams towards the end of August, which should have the series coincide with our pre-campaign, and continue after as well.

About Social Media pages:
As you may have noticed we have done some changes around our social media channels. We decided to change our Twitter name and handle to have it more focused on the current game in development instead of the studio. We're starting a Tumblr to expand and get more news out to more people. And finally, our Facebook which has been very Studio-oriented will completely switch to our Aeon Chronicles: Faded World Episode Facebook Page, it's new though so we need YOUR help to get the number of likes up again. We managed to gather a couple hundred on our Cat in a Hat Facebook but unfortunately for some reason we cannot change the name.

If you want Studio news, don't worry, as we'll always include internal news on our News-Posts on our website, just like this one. You'll find links to our Social Media Channels around our website(lookout for the icons), and follow us!

Phew! This news post was larger than the previous ones, but we also had more info to give out! We hope you're still with us and looking forward to the great stuff that's coming!

Catch you later! Dalton

CreaByte Studios is incoming!

- Published by Tibs

Hey all, just a quick update!
We're currently going through a Studio name-change on all of our social platform pages(with news ones to announce), our website, along with other places on the web, so anything you see by Cat in a Hat Studios or CreaByte Studios, pay attention because it's the same team :) A news post will soon be up explaining the name change along with some more dev news!


Community Manager(Dalton) Introduction & Upcoming News

- Published by Tibs


Community Manager Introduction & Upcoming News

Hey guys! I'm the new Community Manager on the team, and first of all I'd like to introduce myself, so you know a bit more about me. I'm a 29 year old swede who likes gaming and readi..

You didn't come here to read about how I spend my evenings did you? :)

- for real though, I love gaming and have been playing games since I can remember. When I got older I got more into how the players can be a part of the development, both unintentionally and intentionally (through direct feedback).

My role here will be to handle all social media channels to keep a dialogue with you readers and to provide the developers with your feedback and input. That way we can collaborate and make a great game, together!

I'm really looking forward to having discussions with you guys and hearing your opinions. And don't hesitate to ask questions! Oh and by the way, my name is Peter. Or Dalton when I'm online.

Development-wise we have a lot of interesting things coming up! We will keep you updated with the latest news and features on a regular basis. In upcoming blog posts we will have a series where we highlight different development areas, like game mechanics and artwork, and go more in-depth about what we are doing, how we are doing it and so on.

I wouldn't write an introduction post without including a sneak-peak now would I? So here's something that Ethem has been tinkering with! Enjoy!


Remember to follow us on Twitter to get the latest news and don't miss #screenshotsaturday for your weekly dose of screenshots!

Website - AeonChronicles.net

Twitter  - https://twitter.com/Aeon_Chronicles

Until next time,

Fps Shooter.

FPS Game - Published by GameSquad

Schermafdruk 2015-07-17 05.04.58

Hello guys,

Probably you all know that for now we are small but we are huge Fighters and we never give up. Driven by succes, joy and motivation we keep on working slowly but with steady steps time by time, we already have a build of the map where you can walk around and c what the idea is and what the theme is more or less.

I like to make a build so you guys actually really know what you are working on.

Building preview3

Maybe you already know and maybe not but till now we are a 2 man army :P working hard to get this game actually finished and be proud of what the team could do and have fun with it and at the end ofcourse make some money with it. We really need help here guys :)

Members till now:

  • 1 Composer

  • 1 Sound Engeneer

  • 1 3D modeler: Props and evironments (me)


Schermafdruk 2015-07-17 05.48.28



Hello world!

FPS Game - Published by GameSquad

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Hello world!

MOW - Published by Feng Pan

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Soulscape Development

Soulscape - Published by Niko Cummings

I wanted to make a game that gave you that old nostalgic feeling you would get as a kid while playing games like runescape classic and old 2d mmorpgs. I Also cannot stand playing eclipse games that use rpg maker graphics. So making something that stands out from the group is something I have been wanting to do for a while now. I am not a professional graphics artist, this is something I just do for fun, but I do love how this tileset has come out. Thus Soulscape is born.

Update on the project

Ursine Peninsula - Published by Dan

Script writer is back from vacation, assets are being purchased and our 3D artist is working on the small items from the concept art. Sounds and music should be well under way now or soon and I will be starting a demo level.

We will be discussing kick-start rewards over the next few days

Welcome to The Ursine Peninsula

Ursine Peninsula - Published by admin

Finally I have access to my own blog, updates to the journal will be as often as I can spare.

Hello world!

The Spirit of Tayap - Published by Galejade

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Okay, 15th gm(48) is done

One Man Army - Published by Ckau

My entry is Endless War game.

Now I might get back to this game jam entry, maybe I'll finish it.

Well, I've got a news

One Man Army - Published by Ckau

Bad news - I still got no job. Damn it.

Bad news - there's almost no time left, and it's only one scene (out of five) done.

Bad news - there's still only some placeholding music I've made in 15 minutes.

Good news - I still have a time, and a brand new pack of coffee and cigarettes. This night gonna be soooo loooong...

Time is running out!

One Man Army - Published by Ckau

O M G !


We got a scenario, finally got an artist - but game is still deeply in WIP! Fork!

New member! Woohoooo!

One Man Army - Published by Ckau

Awesome! @Sajarin joined project as a editor + writer + narrative genius.


That's a 100% win in this Game Jam! >:D

Okay, I'm doing something.

One Man Army - Published by Ckau

Yeah. I've choosed topic, mechanics, started making soundtrack, and stuff.


Here's some nice screenshot of intro reel. Like it?


Made with GameMaker Studio.png

Well, Jam is here.

One Man Army - Published by Ckau

Starting some "hacking" now. Not much to show, but here's what I've got so far:

  • Game gonna consist several minigames

  • Game gonna be sad (maybe with several endings)

  • Game gonna be kinda based on my life experience


Hooray! Some obvious things posted! Now, back to work.


PS. Still got no job. Just called some guy from a company I've sent resume to - they declined my offer.

About the Game

Blacklight Office - Published by Feilong Yang


Aren't mysteries just the best? I can't hide my fascination with the genre - from the classic storylines of Holmes and Poirot to ones that grew up with me like Detective Conan and Kindaichi Case Files. I can even recall writing a mystery centering a kid detective troupe in elementary school - but that's a decade ago, and after spending several years learning art and design... and playing a lot of video games - I think I can see the outline of something... very exciting.

Blacklight Office will try to introduce a new, intuitive and fun logic system, combined with a beautiful setting and unforgettable characters. It's an ambitious target, but that's where all good things start, right?


Level one underway!

Time-Bot - Published by Chris Wynn

I am currently a decent way through creating the first level in Timebot. This is as in the platforms, the enemies, and the programming for them. A lot of the rough starting programming such as movement is done so it shouldn't be horrible to create levels. Our composer is on the job as well, creating the soundboard. The only thing we need is a pixel artist and once we find one we will have all the skills we need to really get this project to come out great! Please don't hesitate to apply for Timebot if you want to help out!

Hello world!

Convergency - Published by Mike

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Dev Log #1

Iridescence - Published by Gabriel Loza

Iridescence is a story driven, point and click, sandbox. This is a tale of two estranged university students (Jonathan & Sydney) who wake up and realize that they can visually see what other people's auras (intention v emotion). As they progress through their day, they realize that there is more to this ability than meets the eye. Sinister (?) things are working in the background.

Finished work:
-Title Screen
-Jonathan/Sydney's Walking Animation
-Basic game scripting
-Theme Song
-Basic Plot

To be done:
-University Backgrounds
-A lot More

Unity vs Duality

Iridescence - Published by Gabriel Loza

We have taken the steps towards migrating all of the work we've finished to Unity. As it turns out, Duality is not optimal for our project due to a lack of documentation and feature support.

Rad Men Assemble!

Iridescence - Published by Gabriel Loza

Our team for the gamejam is now complete:

Peter Devita: Music Lead and Code Assistant

Mikhaela: Script Writer

Tomek Zając: Code Lead

Gabriel Loza: Art Lead

Work hard everyone!

Shaw's Nightmare II development history so far

Shaw’s Nightmare II - Published by Michael Muniko

I started Shaw's Nightmare 2, shortly after releasing v1.2 in January. Initially I had only a few levels.  I looked for help to help finish the game. Emeric Alizond came in but he delayed and eventually left. I am currently looking for new levels. I have completed 19 levels and I need somebody to help fill in rest which is 13. For more information contact me.

Features (compared to Shaw's Nightmare):

  • 30 levels plus 2 secret levels

  • New monsters

  • All new music!

  • New sound effects

  • Tons of new graphics!



Hello world!

Shadow State - Published by Dan Carter

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Hello world!

Random RPG - Published by GL Ace

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Hello world!

Mythomane - Published by Elm

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Hello world!

IndieWolf Gaming - Published by IndieWolf Gaming

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Hello world!

cyberbitgame 2d - Published by cyberbit

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Hello world!

Extreme Bowling - Published by GameSquad

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Hello world!

Fantasy MMORPG - Published by el_coyote

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What is Black Sands?

Black Sands Origins - Published by manuel godoy


Black Sands is a new visual novel series about the world as it was around 3500 BCE. Earth has been in surveillance by an alien species for many millenniums when an alien engineer is sent to Earth to help the primitive species advance. This becomes problematic though because they can only go the speed of light, making the trip take thousands of years.
By the time this alien arrived, humanity had already self improved but the alien and his entire species lack free will in the human sense. They all cannot deny their purpose in life and thus, he continued on with his mission regardless if it was needed or not.

This Alien’s name was Nun and he experimented for years trying to create representatives of the race to go out into the world and teach culture to the humans. Unfortunately, those experiments proved to be failures as the three dominant races that survived his experiments turned on humanity and send the world into chaos.
The Anunnaki enslaved most of the human presence in their regions. The Titans grew mad with power, destroying all humans in Greece and creating their own alien races to replace the populace. The Deva took over the east and waged war against themselves to the dismay of the humans that followed them.
This utter failure caused Nun to pity himself. Then he received a message from an old friend of the Titan bloodline that renewed his hopes.
The new mission was not to teach humans of civilization. It was to create empires that could fight back against the ancients. Of this, he made new beings. They had power like the aliens of old but lacked their alien appearance or long lives. They were true humans and were raised as such. Of this, Rah was the first.

He and his kin would soon become the saviors of this forsaken world and Nun can have his redemption.


  • Adventure

  • Visual Novel

  • Mystery

  • Mythology

  • Ancient Aliens

  • Brutality

  • Dark Love

  • Psychological thriller



Many millennia ago, there was a being of otherworldly origin sent to Earth to Engineer humanity to a higher calling. Earth had long been a place of interest but the population of Earth seemed primitive and destined to be nothing more than tribal savages. Thus Nun was sent to “help.” It took thousands of years to travel from his origin home. He was placed in hibernation during this time…


In the fourth millennia BCE he arrived. His people worked in four dimensions and his ship tore a hole in ours, creating a rift somewhere in the cradle of life, Canaan. He rose from the liquid of his ship recovering from stasis and once he regained his memories, he put himself to work. His first task was to see the state of humanity.


He summoned a great spirit known as “The Eye of Oblivion” which sees all and knows all. He used this eye to log all the information about the tribal groups of primitive man. To his surprise, humanity did not stay in tribes. They actually advanced in culture, creating small towns and forming groups. Nun contemplated on whether he should interfere but his connection with his people was severed and unlike humans, they have no means to resist their purpose in life.


Nun continued his mission by creating overlords that would push humanity toward greatness. These overlords were not of Earthly origin however. They were that of the Maker. Alien in nature and immortal. They left the rift to seek humanity and bring about a new age of prosperity and development. Sadly, things were not destined so…


That was a millennia ago, but now in the third millennia Nun decided to make a completely different class of leaders. Of this, Rah was the first. Rah was not much different from humans but he did possess power humans do not. In time he was given brothers and a sister.

They all grew up together. Nun watched carefully as he never saw humans develop. Simple things like learning how to talk perplexed Nun and revitalized his aged body. Over time, he noticed that the children were more prone to violence and combat then normally expected. Nun knew that their otherworldly potential would manifest itself over time.

Rather than rush this change, he allowed them to reach the age of ten before ever training them in the art of war. Of the young, Rah stood out as the leader and unnaturally indifferent to everyone. Nun noticed there was something wrong with the child and that it probably was his fault as the creator, for he had never made a human before. None the less, he watched carefully to see what the boy would become...

That was many years ago…



Kickstarter Gilgamekh


Kickstarter Apedemak


Kickstarter Amesemi


Kickstarter Rah




The Three Kings

Follow us and leave comments, questions, and critiques. Hope to hear from you soon!





Black Sands Origins Black Sands Origins


Many know him as Gilgamesh in Sumerian legend but few know him as Gilgamekh, brother of Rah, Apedemak, and Amesemi. In Black Sands, the origins of the three kings is told in a midrash in which the myths, legends, and history of the numerous dominant cultures in the region are combined into one immersive experience.

As such, what you know of Gilgamekh is partly true but has not yet come to pass in our story. This is about his upbringing and complicated relationship with his kin.


"Kindness will get you know where in life." Gilgamekh, Black Sands.
Gilgamekh Screenshot


Age: 17

Fighting Style: Mounted and ranged.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Affinity: Persuasion

Weapon of Choice: Whip

Likes: Deception, Lying, Adventure, Passion.

Dislikes: Honesty, Commitment, Sacrifice, Principle.

Gilgamekh is the third "son" of Nun. In his youth, Gilgamekh showed an unparalleled skill at telling stories and causing mischief. It wasn't long before Nun noticed his gift of deception wasn't just a personality trait but also his soul affinity.

As he matures, Gilgamekh starts to understand his power over others. At times you seem him use it on his friends but most of the time, he prefers to manipulate people without his power. During mount training, he grew fond of his horse Sisu and developed an intimidating fighting style based on harassment. He used his whip to slash at enemies and strangle them while his horse kept them at distance and dragged them to their deaths.

While Gilgamekh is a skilled melee fighter, he does not wish to break a sweat. His life goal is to talk his way to the top of an Empire while everyone else is busy fighting each other.

Gilga and horse
Gilgamekh seemed to have been born in the saddle, as his kin would say. His skills in mounted combat are second to none. Even though he wishes to avoid a fight as much as possible, once he gets on his horse, he become a vicious master at arms.

How will his legend be told? Find out by following Black Sands.


Official Page

Black Sands on Facebook

The Three Kings

Black Sands Origins

Black Sands Origins

Hello world!

Black Sands Origins - Published by manuel godoy

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The CiaH Team Says Hi!

- Published by Tibs

Hey all, we're CiaH(Cat in a Hat) Studios!
We've got some exciting updates coming up as we get closer to July and August, including Dev Streams, Alpha footage trailer, and our pre-campaign with Square Enix!
Follow us on Twitter or Facebook for quick updates, and check our website regularly as we'll be updating it with news posts:

We'll also try to update our Ludust blog as we can, to make sure those who don't know about us stay in the loop.
We're happy to have found Ludust as we've actually been making a few contacts and even finding new members to speed up development!

You can also check info on our project on our Ludust project page!
And don't be shy to say hi :)

Hello world!

Saerratio - Published by admin

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Hello world!

Red Rails - Published by admin

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Hello world!

Saerratio - Published by admin

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Hello world!

Ursine Peninsula - Published by Dan

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Hello world!

Red Rails - Published by Milo de Korte

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Hello world!

Mushassins - Published by ken clinton

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Hey Lovers of gaming

D.F.L (Dying is for Losers) - Published by Emmanuel Gacheru

Welcome to the D.F.L. blog if you want to work with us on the project go to : Click Me

Hello world!

Star Dogs - Published by Chris

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Hello world!

Dawn of Ascension - Published by Shona Feltham

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Creating the scoring system.

Solar Ascension - Published by furibaito

Scoring system is one of the most fundamental aspect of any SHMUP games. The main objective is always surviving and progressing to fight the boss like in the most games. But achieving the highest score possible feels like a intriguing challenge.

Making a balanced and fun scoring system is a bit complex sometimes. Most SHMUPs have their own scoring system. DoDonPachi, Touhou, Geometry Wars and Ikaruga have a different scoring system.

There are many unique scoring addition that you can observe. Grazing is one example. Grazing is when you almost get hit by an enemy bullet, much like a near-miss. One of my favorite SHMUP, Touhou has this as one of the major scoring factor. This encourages the players to play aggresively. And this really fits well with it's bullet pattern style that fills the whole screen with bullets. As a player I felt this is a great scoring system addition.

I've considered to add grazing before. But I realize it does not fits well with my gameplay style. First, Solar Ascension is not one-dimensional shooting SHMUP. Grazing needs you to focus complete on your movement. It will be too hard for players to graze while maintaining their firing angle. Second, Solar Ascension is not bullet-curtain styled SHMUP. Bullet curtain is when the enemy bullets fills the whole f*cking screen with a very slow movement. It's much more easier to graze in this situation. But in Solar Ascension, your screen wouldn't be covered in bullets. But the enemy bullets has a faster speed overall. I designed them this way because in Solar Ascension the players can actually move freely in the map, not only move freely in the screen. If I were applying the bullet-curtain style, players would just camp in the borders circling around the map.

So what I decided to implement is a quite simple scoring system. I borrowed some of DoDonPachi scoring system. In the game, killing enemies fills the Combo bar based by how strong the enemy you just destroyed is. The larger your combo is, the more score you get when killing another enemy.

So in Solar Ascension, enemies has their fixed 'value'. This value is used in 2 mechanism, the first one is when spawning groups of enemies. The system calculates the enemy values to prevent 5 strong enemies spawning in a same group. The second use of these 'values' is for the scoring system. Every time you killed an enemy, the value of that enemy is added to the variable in the memory. If the variable value has reached a fixed amount, you gain a chain-multiplier. Further enemies that got killed were multiplied by this chain-multiplier. When the player got hit, they lost 33% of their current multiplier, with a minimal of 3-chain-multiplier lost. When the player got destroyed, the multiplier is set to 0. This is designed to make it rewarding for players to evade the bullets and not getting hit.

Another thing I've implemented is a simple multiplier on what wave you're on. So if you're on wave 16 you'll get 16X multiplier. This multiplier will be added with the previous multiplier, chain-multiplier. This is designed to make survival at later levels more rewarding.



The early age of Solar Ascension

Solar Ascension - Published by furibaito

Hey guys!

After months of development, I decided to start writing the development blog for my first game, Solar Ascension. I know that this is way too late, but it's better than never don't you think? And at this first blog post, I want to tell you a story on how this game project created.

Solar Ascension is my first big project. Currently I'm in my High School graduation holiday, which is around 3 months. That is quite a lot of time. So rather than spending time climbing to Challenger in League of Legends (Karthus freelo lolololol), I want to spend time learning programming for my future career.

But! Programming itself is boring. Really. Boring. Who cares about this machine that with 'Algorithm' that could handle enormous datas? Not me. So I get to mix programming with gaming, which comes into Game Development! With Solar Ascension as my first project. I have this special philosophy of mine, that I need to do my best in my first time in anything that I got passion into. So I don't want to start with another flappy bird clone to adds up to the Worldwide Bank of Flappy Birds Clones (Seriously there are TOO MANY). I want to make something that I really like, even though that I know it won't be easy. But of course I don't think about creating something enormously big like GTA V, Assassin Creed or MMOs (Which many 'passionate' newborn gamedevs really excited with!). I want to start with something big with a solo developer scope. So then another top-down shooter was born! Why top-down shooter? First, I like games like it. Second, it's easy to make.

At first, the game environment is not space. Even the name isn't Solar Ascension. It was DroidWare. Because it was planned to be a war between tank droid (The player) with walker droids (The enemies). Yeah, top-down tanks shooter. I've learned (Read : Copy/Pasted) some basic C# scripting in Unity to make a rectangle moveable with WASD. And OMG! It works! I have to say that the first few weeks are the hardest. I don't know anything. I was faced with everything. Making a game is not as easy as I think. Every little thing matters. I almost cried back then. I was thinking to sell lemons instead for my future. But hey, **** the lemons! I've wasted some precious gaming hours downloading Unity. I ain't gonna make that potential League Points sacrifice a waste. So I kept going slowly... slowly...

Until I found another wall. Art. Okay, now I got a white rectangle tank with a white cannon on top of it that shoots marshmellows to the cursor.

Would people like to get this game? Oh hell yes! They would like to get this game into the recycle bin. With a letter to the developer (me) "gr8 game m8 i r8 8/8 no h8". I'm poor. Not really poor, I live in my parents home and have money to eat but relatively poor. I got no money to hire people to do some art. So I had to made it myself. Sorry I've removed my game build at this stage so there is no screenshots. But to describe, the art I made is worse than a simple white rectangle. So I go look for free for comercial use art at the Open Game Art. I had no luck finding some good top-down tank sprites. But got some few good sprites for space-themed art. So I decided to shift into a top-down space shooter.

That is it, the game graphics at January 2015. It's something at least. Until I found the Asset Jesus, Kenney!

Whoever are you, Kenney, I love you! This guy provides great sprite graphics with CC0 license! Look at the game sprites now, beautiful isn't it? It's all thanks to you, Kenney! I also changed the project name to Solar Ascension. Because DroidWare is more suitable for softwares I think lol.

So after I have the art wall broken, I can get progressed quickly into the game development. Since then, many things has changed and I've learn lot of things. Almost all the game scripts are made by myself. And now, the game is almost finsihed soon(tm). I have a high hope for the game!

That is all for the story of the early ages of Solar Ascension development. Having a good time reading? Thanks then. If not...

Hello world!

Inferria cRPG DevBlog - Published by Jordan M

Welcome to Ludust. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

We have programmers!

Flight simulator - Published by GameSquad

Hi guys,

We already got 3 programmers and couple of voice,music artist and 2 3D modellers!

We will start really soon, we will start with a easy game to get to know eachather, Ball madnes will be the name. Its a simple game with a ball tha rolled away int eh night when sleeping.. He has to find his way home so he can be with his family again but he has a long and dangerous way to go, will you help him to find his family?...

If we make this game and everything goes good.. we can keep on working togheter, after this we will know who wants to stay and who will not.

After this project we will start on the Flight Guard game! So give the best you can, be friendly and we will be the best there is!

Becouse we have allot of composers and related to it we will have to c how many of you guys we need.




Waiting for a programmer.

Flight simulator - Published by GameSquad

Hi guys you all know that till now we have 7 members, most of them are AL sound or music engineers...

Im happy that you guys like the idea for this game, but......

We can't start the development of the game without a programmer! Thats why i still didn't gave you guys something to work on.....

Some Background

Project Era - Published by Ethan Clark

"Joey, Tia, Peter, and Rico."  -The four main playable characters


Since Project Era began in 2012, some background may be necessary on why things tend to take longer with this sort of project. I hate using the word "ambitious" because it's a red-flag calling card for developers, but it really was back in 2012. One of those projects that spring up every week and get taken down a week later.  It had a rough team setting, no real organization, and was in general a doomed project. But thanks to some learning experience on my part, some dedicated and talented team members (you have to have both qualities), and organizational know-how, Project Era was sure to stay. And I can assure that it will stay until its release.  So much work and effort has been put into the game, it really surprises me sometimes just how far it has come.

The story has been written out to over 5,000 lines of dialogue, with some minor scenes left to go, and we've completed 20 songs of our 100 song soundtrack. They may not seem like accomplishments, but to this developer they mean everything. A finished script will gain the interest of some composers, some great music will net an intrigued programmer, and a well-coded game will give way to excited artists. Ever since the beginning this was my mindset, since being a volunteer based project made it difficult to convince people that this was going to happen. Now everything seems to be falling into place, and I can thank Ludust for some of that. I also have to thank the team, whose efforts and time given to this project have helped it enormously. Of course there's much background and many things that I choose not to cover here (for being uninteresting mainly), but for going through this I'd like to share with you some music selections, as I think it's one of this project's best areas.

As the game's plot revolves around time travel through four different eras, each era has its own musical style. I've shared a track from each today. If a track appears in more than one era, it has to be done in multiple styles; I've shown that here with the "Melee" tracks, our main battle theme.

Ancient Era (8Bit) - "The Ancient Tia" - By Jack Mackenzie


Recent Era (16Bit) - "Recent Melee" - By Jon Bash


Present Era (Reg.) - "Houses of Reynold" - By Andy Scott


Future Era (Orch.) - "Future Melee" - By Jon Bash


Hello world!

Apocalypse Neighbors - Published by Tristan Perquel

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Common Route in Progress

Scented Dream - Published by CrimsonMoon

We have discussed on the common route for the VN, and some of the branches of the story. We have also discussed some of the possible endings, but I'm not going to spoil them here, lol. xD

I'm in the process of writing common route. It's more than halfway done, so probably I can finish it soon. I'm sorry to my group because of the delays in writing due to me being busy with real life. x.x I'll try to finish writing it as soon as I can. :'D I'm writing all of it in Ren'Py to make it easier for programmer to code it in.

After common route is done, co-writer and I will split in writing the story. Both of us will write two character routes respectively. We will divide the work among us.

We still haven't found GUI artist, which is a top priority right now. If there is GUI and it's finished, our programmer can work on coding it directly into the game. I can try my hands on GUI, but I generally have little experience on it. I tried making custom GUI in my last game, but our programmer has to change it himself because I...have no talent in making GUI whatsoever, lol. xD So if we can recruit GUI artist who can make custom GUI, that would be great! The theme of the game is mostly romance, so GUI should fit with the theme. For now, I'm just using default GUI.

Hopefully, this week is more productive for me than last week. I know I can be a slow writer, but I'm doing my best to finish it. So wish me luck in writing, and wish our group luck in everything, it would be much appreciated! :D

Scented Dream is in Progress!

Scented Dream - Published by CrimsonMoon

This is going to be a visual novel with GxB pairing, and I'm contemplating on adding GxG pairing too, just one path though. So far, the progress for the story is about 10%, since I've written only 10k+ words. My aim is to write around 50k+, and no less than that. My first VN was around 30k+ words, written in a span of almost two months. So it's not a stretch to finish all the script in three months, I think.

I'm recruiting artists (GUI, CG artists, and possibly BG artists too) for now, and idea bouncers. Since our team consists of three writers already, idea bouncers may or may not be necessary. However, we'll still need editor/proofreader at a later stage, who are proficient and critical in grammar and overall fluency of the story and the script.

Issues aside, I'm glad I have a team to work with. :D I hope we can all make this work. *fingers crossed* I'm one of those people who will not stop what I start until it's finished. So I'm hoping this project will see daylight in the future. :D

Take a trip into fantastic.

- Published by David

Just finnished the official Interibang site and connected to our Facebook page! Getting pretty excited...

Engine Progress #1

Their Own Way Progress - Published by Kieran Tribe

Hi, I'm Kieran. I'm the programmer for Their Own Way. I'm currently working on the engine so that all of our team can just type in character thoughts and stuff to build the game, and boy is it a tough job.

I'm learning the SDL library for the purposes of this: I'm used to OpenGL or using something like Unity. It's a fairly easy to grasp library once you know OpenGL, but it's still a pain to get things to render. I'm still at the stage of learning advanced things in it, planning on starting actual engine-y stuff tomorrow.

First on my to-do list is to program the base for the game, and build the engine on top of that. It seems a strange way to do it, but this is built specifically for Their Own Way, and only needs features for that, so it'll be a drag+drop interface on top of the game, that I'll just lock when it's released. It'll all stay one program. Does that count as an engine? I'm not entirely sure.

I'm obviously going to need to render sprites, maps, etc, but then I'm planning on creating the basic AI for the people in the game, just working with movement to make it look like something humans would do, then build on that from there. After that, I'll add in objects and stuff, and set up a path-finding-esque system for the NPCs, then build the thoughts on top of that. The first set of thoughts to be implemented are going to be set by the team, but afterward I'm thinking we could go down two lanes, or possibly both of them. Randomness, or writing every single possible action. To keep gameplay going, we'll need a lot of actions, but randomness is a bit shaky. I'm thinking along the lines of having it 35:65 defined-randomness choosing the thoughts for the people... With a list of about 2000 or so for different verbs and nouns etc.

In terms of the other features, I've been talking to John and we're thinking about some other stuff, but it's still ideas floating in the air. We're thinking of having some sort of interactivity to drive the gameplay, instead of watching, that would be entirely optional - the game would function without it. We're thinking about this on two levels: interacting with the environment (with huge limitations in place), or interacting with the characters mentally, possibly affecting their actions and what happens to them in the long term. This would lead to an entirely new type of gameplay where you could change things that happen in the characters' life.

It's something to think about. What are your ideas?

Hey there!

Their Own Way Progress - Published by Rhinu

Their Own Way

My name is John and I'm working with a really cool team to make a fancy pixelstyled game called Their Own Way.

It's about how everyone goes their own way and always has an objective. Even the smallest things like picking up your phone. Everybody does his own thing.

In this game you can see the objectives of these people. Watch over a busy street, a swimmingpool, an office? You see what they are thinking.

(NOTE: This is a work in progress and these are still ideas. There will be hundreds of thoughts and objectives and new user requested ones will be added every update. If you have anything you want to know or you want to join the team you can find us on Ludust!)


I heard a rumor...

Rumors of War - Published by Navezof

Welcome to the development blog of Rumors Of War, the visual novel hobbyist project I’m working on.

A visual novel is maybe not the most indicated genre for a game programmer. It has little game mechanics and the accent is more on the writing and the art thanthe gameplay. But still, always liked telling stories, and it is an opportunity to focus on the content rather than the mechanics!

This is also an opportunity to share my experience with a community. I hope it will turn out in something interesting.

Thanks for reading!


As a bonus, here is a sketch for a pseudo concept art. It is absolutely not representative of the final quality of the game ;)



Dark Horse, Dead City

Rumors of War - Published by Navezof

Rumors of War are set in the universe of Dark Horse, Dead City. It is a universe I have been working on since a long time. And, with each project I added a little piece of History, refining the one already existing, gave more depth to some events.

It goes like this :

“Suddenly, a huge fleet of gigantic spaceships fell on earth recovering the cities. Aboard where creatures wielding magical powers. Among them an Order of sorcerers and witches. Devoted to the True Humanity, they were disappointed with what became humanity. The started a crusade to erase this mockery of Human.

Humanity fought back, but was quickly overpowered by the magical powers of their opponent. Beaten, destroyed, humanity was forced to took refuge in the underground. Since then, they are waiting for a chance to conquer the sky again.”

The event of Rumors of War happens a few years after the start of the war. The story follows Sept a soldier lost in the underground of Paris. He is then captured by two young witches, who promise to free him if he manage to lead them out to the surface. It is maybe a chance to live, to kill, or maybe, to learn.

I would like to say more, but I will keep some surprise, and it’s also not written yet. :D