An Apology

Hello everyone, it’s been a  while since the last text post. Now, I’m sure some of you noticed that we have missed our predicted release window for Death Rule: lost code Overdrive Edition. Well, I’m not going to mince words: the reason for the missed release is because of me. Everything that both Iarumas and Katon had to do is done, all that’s missing now is the new episode. The preview for Killing System is done, and the GUI remake is done. Really, the only thing holding the release back is the new episode. And because of my slow pace, it may take a while longer to finish
Now, there are two ways we can go about this next part, because this is something that I want you, the reader, to pick.

The First Choice

This is the one that will quickly get the update out. What this first choice entails is that we release everything we have right now. Things I wanted to add via the new story can be added as a bonus, explaining what could have been. This choice would be fast and easy, but it also comes with the knowledge that I as a developer have failed to deliver what I wanted to. Granted, this choice also proves to be a positive overall since it will finally allow us to move on.

The Second Choice

This one is the one I’ve taken thus far but am considering changing. This choice is the one where I finish what I promise, adding the new episode along with all the extra content.  Of course, this means that we will delay all our other projects as I try to finish this one. You will get the product I want to release, at the cost of drawing everything else out longer than I hoped it would take.

I really do want to hear your feedback, since this is something I will discuss with my team shortly. I myself am willing to put my pride aside in order to give you guys a cleaner product but my choice will be based on your answers as well.

On one last note, I would personally like to apologize to everyone I have kept out of the loop. There are some wonderful people who volunteered to work with our little team but have been kept in the dark. I have failed as a leader in keeping everyone informed, and am willing to take whatever steps necessary in order to correct my mistakes.




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