Devlog #2

Devlog #2
This Week within the development group has been busy. We have worked hard on the map and still have many improvements coming. Here is a quote from a dev.
“We are currently working on the Showcase level, in this level we will display all of our games most important features. In this screenshot, you can see a Mysterious Island which is linked to parts of our story. The next step is to create the bigger island, this will allow us to really focus on fleshing out the Showcase level and implement all the features we wish to show.” Image 1
We have also been hard at work with our website which now is in beta.
Our 3d modeler and artist have been hard at work completing some weapons for the player to wield.
Development is coming by smoothly and we are still recruiting some great talent to help with this game.

Jameson (Slim) Pearsonkatanashowcase-map

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