Ludust Journal #2 – Upcoming features
April 28, 2015

I have just checked the sites analytics and this is day 14 of the site being live.  In that short time we have had over 200 incredibly talented members join – thank you all! I want this site to become the go to tool for finding and working with the right people for your project. The site might not be perfect yet, but with your help we will get there!

I wanted to talk about a couple of upcoming features that should be launched in the near future.

The first is social interaction with projects. Today I launched the first part of this which is the ability to follow a project. I will be adding to that by showing news to you from the projects you are following and the ability to sort projects by most followed.

On top of that I will be adding a way of talking to the project group, probably by comments, so that you can ask them questions publicly and see what other people have asked and also see the answers.

The second feature will be allowing studios to sign up. Naturally I see these as being indie studios and hopefully they will find it useful. They will have all the tools groups have, so they can maintain contact with the other members of the studio very easily, use their public Blog or comments to hype upcoming games (which will have a page of its own) and more. I am not aiming to replace the studios actual website (although that is possible!) but I want to give them team tools they might be missing and access to all the talented members here.

As always you can get in touch with me in the chat stream, forum or in the comments below.

– Nick



  1. Yes for more social interaction 🙂

    200 members in 14 days, not bad.

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  2. Next stop 1000 members 😉

    Yes I think a lot more social interaction is needed not just for the projects, but for the site as whole.

    I also want to set up a system where every new project gets tweeted, and a page to show all the blogs on the site.

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  3. group wn

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    group: 59,

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