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Black Sands is a new visual novel series about the world as it was around 3500 BCE. Earth has been in surveillance by an alien species for many millenniums when an alien engineer is sent to Earth to help the primitive species advance. This becomes problematic though because they can only go the speed of light, making the trip take thousands of years.
By the time this alien arrived, humanity had already self improved but the alien and his entire species lack free will in the human sense. They all cannot deny their purpose in life and thus, he continued on with his mission regardless if it was needed or not.

This Alien’s name was Nun and he experimented for years trying to create representatives of the race to go out into the world and teach culture to the humans. Unfortunately, those experiments proved to be failures as the three dominant races that survived his experiments turned on humanity and send the world into chaos.
The Anunnaki enslaved most of the human presence in their regions. The Titans grew mad with power, destroying all humans in Greece and creating their own alien races to replace the populace. The Deva took over the east and waged war against themselves to the dismay of the humans that followed them.
This utter failure caused Nun to pity himself. Then he received a message from an old friend of the Titan bloodline that renewed his hopes.
The new mission was not to teach humans of civilization. It was to create empires that could fight back against the ancients. Of this, he made new beings. They had power like the aliens of old but lacked their alien appearance or long lives. They were true humans and were raised as such. Of this, Rah was the first.

He and his kin would soon become the saviors of this forsaken world and Nun can have his redemption.


  • Adventure
  • Visual Novel
  • Mystery
  • Mythology
  • Ancient Aliens
  • Brutality
  • Dark Love
  • Psychological thriller



Many millennia ago, there was a being of otherworldly origin sent to Earth to Engineer humanity to a higher calling. Earth had long been a place of interest but the population of Earth seemed primitive and destined to be nothing more than tribal savages. Thus Nun was sent to “help.” It took thousands of years to travel from his origin home. He was placed in hibernation during this time…


In the fourth millennia BCE he arrived. His people worked in four dimensions and his ship tore a hole in ours, creating a rift somewhere in the cradle of life, Canaan. He rose from the liquid of his ship recovering from stasis and once he regained his memories, he put himself to work. His first task was to see the state of humanity.


He summoned a great spirit known as “The Eye of Oblivion” which sees all and knows all. He used this eye to log all the information about the tribal groups of primitive man. To his surprise, humanity did not stay in tribes. They actually advanced in culture, creating small towns and forming groups. Nun contemplated on whether he should interfere but his connection with his people was severed and unlike humans, they have no means to resist their purpose in life.


Nun continued his mission by creating overlords that would push humanity toward greatness. These overlords were not of Earthly origin however. They were that of the Maker. Alien in nature and immortal. They left the rift to seek humanity and bring about a new age of prosperity and development. Sadly, things were not destined so…


That was a millennia ago, but now in the third millennia Nun decided to make a completely different class of leaders. Of this, Rah was the first. Rah was not much different from humans but he did possess power humans do not. In time he was given brothers and a sister.

They all grew up together. Nun watched carefully as he never saw humans develop. Simple things like learning how to talk perplexed Nun and revitalized his aged body. Over time, he noticed that the children were more prone to violence and combat then normally expected. Nun knew that their otherworldly potential would manifest itself over time.

Rather than rush this change, he allowed them to reach the age of ten before ever training them in the art of war. Of the young, Rah stood out as the leader and unnaturally indifferent to everyone. Nun noticed there was something wrong with the child and that it probably was his fault as the creator, for he had never made a human before. None the less, he watched carefully to see what the boy would become…

That was many years ago…



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Black Sands Origins Black Sands Origins


Many know him as Gilgamesh in Sumerian legend but few know him as Gilgamekh, brother of Rah, Apedemak, and Amesemi. In Black Sands, the origins of the three kings is told in a midrash in which the myths, legends, and history of the numerous dominant cultures in the region are combined into one immersive experience.

As such, what you know of Gilgamekh is partly true but has not yet come to pass in our story. This is about his upbringing and complicated relationship with his kin.


“Kindness will get you know where in life.” Gilgamekh, Black Sands.
Gilgamekh Screenshot


Age: 17

Fighting Style: Mounted and ranged.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Affinity: Persuasion

Weapon of Choice: Whip

Likes: Deception, Lying, Adventure, Passion.

Dislikes: Honesty, Commitment, Sacrifice, Principle.

Gilgamekh is the third “son” of Nun. In his youth, Gilgamekh showed an unparalleled skill at telling stories and causing mischief. It wasn’t long before Nun noticed his gift of deception wasn’t just a personality trait but also his soul affinity.

As he matures, Gilgamekh starts to understand his power over others. At times you seem him use it on his friends but most of the time, he prefers to manipulate people without his power. During mount training, he grew fond of his horse Sisu and developed an intimidating fighting style based on harassment. He used his whip to slash at enemies and strangle them while his horse kept them at distance and dragged them to their deaths.

While Gilgamekh is a skilled melee fighter, he does not wish to break a sweat. His life goal is to talk his way to the top of an Empire while everyone else is busy fighting each other.

Gilga and horse
Gilgamekh seemed to have been born in the saddle, as his kin would say. His skills in mounted combat are second to none. Even though he wishes to avoid a fight as much as possible, once he gets on his horse, he become a vicious master at arms.

How will his legend be told? Find out by following Black Sands.


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The Three Kings

Black Sands Origins

Black Sands Origins


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