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It’s your friendly CM Dalton here! More than a month has passed since I joined the team. I have learned a lot and I really like where this is going! We have some juicy news today! This post will focus on announcing our studio name change and updating you about our current development status and what we have planned in the near future. We’ll also be introducing a new member!
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Cat in a Hat, or CreaByte Studios??
To put it simply, we’re the same team! However, a name-change was in order. There are various reasons for this, from SEO to more personal reasons. Cat in a Hat was what started it all, and although we were already working on Aeon Chronicles, then called “Project Color”, the team has changed and shifted since then, as has the game from early concepts. These past couple of months we’ve really nailed down what we want to do with Aeon Chronicles: Faded World Episode, how we’re going to do it, and we’ve come to get a much more committed team all-around. From the gameplay systems, to the story and lore, everything’s ready and being actively worked on, instead of just paper and drafts like it used to be with Cat in a Hat. And so, we’d like to announce CreaByte Studios. CreaByte Studios is the perfect mix between the ideas and visions we have(Creation) and the tools we use(Byte). Henceforth, we’ll be adjusting and switching out all Cat in a Hat material with CreaByte Studios as well as our new awesome logo! Since we’ll be showing what we have on AC: FWE soon, we also thought this would be the right(and probably best/only) time for a name change.

So, what’s going on internally?
The alpha release is under development as we speak, we have pretty much all game systems down and the world of Erospoth is in the making. The main characters and animations are being worked on right now! Everyone’s extremely excited about where we’re headed, and to see development happen every day is amazing! We have a new member with us, Jason Strang, Artist! He’ll be the lead artist and animator for….Yes, our lovely Pepper! His Art-Style and the way he treats Pepper’s Design is just a perfect match!

So what’s up with the Alpha? When will we get to see it in action?
This Alpha version will be compromised of two “phases” of one of the early levels in the game. We’ll be going more in-depth on the what, how and why of these “phases” in a development-post very soon. After some discussion, we’ve come to the conclusion we’d like the feedback to start from the get-go, as soon as we have something that is playable, and so we’ll be making this Alpha version open and public. Not only that, but it should coincide with our pre-campaign with the Square Enix Collective Initiative, giving you one easy place to vote, give feedback, check out the vision we have for the game down the road, as well as what’s already playable. Right now, we can’t tell you when the pre-campaign will be as it depends on the pacing of development.

Okay, so until then, what can we expect?
In some upcoming news we have stuff we want to show and we will do it as a Development Spotlight-Series where we focus on one development phase at a time and really get in-depth, and that’s where the Level “Phases” will come in. That way we can show you what goes on from the inside and tell you a bit more about how the team works. In the near-future we will set up live Dev-Streams with Q&A where we can answer questions in real-time. We want to hear your thoughts/feedback on the game as your engagement will influence the development of the game! We’d like to emphasize the importance of internal and external feedback, we are doing this together! That’s what the Pre-Campaign we have planned is for, mainly to explain our vision for the game and be able to mold it from an early stage to what gamers such as yourself want. We play games too, we’re avid gamers, we play a lot of games and think “Well, if this had been done that way, it could’ve worked better”, but in the current generation of gaming, of development, and the whole experience that video-games bring, internal feedback isn’t enough anymore.

Sure, sure, but WHEN?
We’re looking to start these spotlights and possibly the Dev-Streams towards the end of August, which should have the series coincide with our pre-campaign, and continue after as well.

About Social Media pages:
As you may have noticed we have done some changes around our social media channels. We decided to change our Twitter name and handle to have it more focused on the current game in development instead of the studio. We’re starting a Tumblr to expand and get more news out to more people. And finally, our Facebook which has been very Studio-oriented will completely switch to our Aeon Chronicles: Faded World Episode Facebook Page, it’s new though so we need YOUR help to get the number of likes up again. We managed to gather a couple hundred on our Cat in a Hat Facebook but unfortunately for some reason we cannot change the name.

If you want Studio news, don’t worry, as we’ll always include internal news on our News-Posts on our website, just like this one. You’ll find links to our Social Media Channels around our website(lookout for the icons), and follow us!

Phew! This news post was larger than the previous ones, but we also had more info to give out! We hope you’re still with us and looking forward to the great stuff that’s coming!

Catch you later! Dalton


CreaByte Studios is incoming!

Hey all, just a quick update!
We’re currently going through a Studio name-change on all of our social platform pages(with news ones to announce), our website, along with other places on the web, so anything you see by Cat in a Hat Studios or CreaByte Studios, pay attention because it’s the same team 🙂 A news post will soon be up explaining the name change along with some more dev news!



Community Manager(Dalton) Introduction & Upcoming News


Community Manager Introduction & Upcoming News

Hey guys! I’m the new Community Manager on the team, and first of all I’d like to introduce myself, so you know a bit more about me. I’m a 29 year old swede who likes gaming and readi..

You didn’t come here to read about how I spend my evenings did you? 🙂

– for real though, I love gaming and have been playing games since I can remember. When I got older I got more into how the players can be a part of the development, both unintentionally and intentionally (through direct feedback).

My role here will be to handle all social media channels to keep a dialogue with you readers and to provide the developers with your feedback and input. That way we can collaborate and make a great game, together!

I’m really looking forward to having discussions with you guys and hearing your opinions. And don’t hesitate to ask questions! Oh and by the way, my name is Peter. Or Dalton when I’m online.

Development-wise we have a lot of interesting things coming up! We will keep you updated with the latest news and features on a regular basis. In upcoming blog posts we will have a series where we highlight different development areas, like game mechanics and artwork, and go more in-depth about what we are doing, how we are doing it and so on.

I wouldn’t write an introduction post without including a sneak-peak now would I? So here’s something that Ethem has been tinkering with! Enjoy!

Remember to follow us on Twitter to get the latest news and don’t miss #screenshotsaturday for your weekly dose of screenshots!

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